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The Netherlands


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TomTom® is a trademark of Palmtop Software, Europe’s largest developer of software for handheld computers. Established in 1991, in The Netherlands, the company aims to design powerful yet easy-to-use applications for mobile devices.

TomTom is a range of innovative travel products and services for users of smartphones and handheld computers. TomTom gives travelers all over the world trusted local information, personal navigation tools, entertainment and assistance with foreign languages whilst on the move.

TomTom develops and brings product to the market with the user in mind. This is why you will quickly recognise a TomTom product: it is something you want and need to use once on the move, it is easy to use and of high quality. Quality in our products and in the services we provide to our users has been essential to our growth and success.

This drive and focus has made TomTom the largest and most respected developer in the handheld computers industry. We have built strong alliances and partnerships with the key players in this industry, from the designers of operating systems like Symbian, Microsoft or Palm® to the manufacturers using those operating systems like Palm, Handspring, Ericsson, Psion, Compaq, Casio, Sharp and Hewlett Packard.

TomTom brings to its users on a regular basis new, innovative, truly useful products one needs whilst on the move. With the current explosion of the market for handheld computers and the merging of phone and handheld technology, TomTom, as it has done over the last 9 years, aims to stay at the forefront of technology and use the latest technologies to bring you tomorrow’s products.

Key TomTom Products

  • Route Planners

  • Route Europe and Route USA are sophisticated road map and route planning applications. Both offer maps displaying major road networks and offering the fastest means of getting from town to town. Fast and easy to use, they can be attached to a GPS device, turning handhelds into navigation systems.
  • TomTom Citymaps

  • You can use TomTom Citymaps to plan your route in over 30,000 cities. So even if you don't know where you are in a new city TomTom Citymaps will making it impossible for you to get lost.
  • Dictionaries

  • Four dictionaries are currently available for mobile users offering English-French, English-German, English-Italian, English-Spanish, with vocabularies of 100,000 words plus from publisher Harper Collins.
  • Michelin Red Guide

  • Michelin Red Guide is the leading selection for European hotels and restaurants. It is particularly well known for its prestigious star award system for evaluating the quality of the cooking of listed establishments. Covering around 20 countries with detailed information on over 6500 hotels and restaurants.
  • V-Rally racing game

  • The famous COLOUR rally simulation! Are you ready to win the supreme title of WORLD RALLY CHAMPION DRIVER? You'll have to master the incredible power of authentic rally cars throughout 20 very demanding special stages on very different surfaces such as asphalt, snow, mud, gravel....

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