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Barry Hardek




ONE OF THE "BEST FOOTBALL SIMS EVER" COMES TO THE PALM PLATFORM PLAYMAKER FOOTBALL, the legendary American football simulation originally designed for the Apple MacIntosh, is now available for all Palm OS-based platforms, providing an application with unsurpassed richness and refinement for PDA gamers, football fans, and coaches alike. Similar to its desktop cousin, PLAYMAKER for Palm consists of three modules united into one seamless program. Use the TEAM DRAFT module to help customize your team’s skills & abilities, even mimic your favorite real-life team, based on 5 distinct player attributes. The CHALKBOARD EDITOR module lets you build your own playbook, designing offensive, defensive, and special teams plays to prepare for any contingency. Plays are designed on a virtual chalkboard using more than 25 real-life player instructions. The diversity of plays you can create is limited only by your imagination & the rules of football. With your team & playbook ready, it’s time to PLAY PLAYMAKER, but be prepared for a battle of wits. Playmaker Football adapts to your game plan and tendencies in real-time. With all of this sophistication in the “Palm” of your hand, PLAYMAKER sets a new standard for PDA-based sports simulations. Truth be told, most electronic football games are a test of your fast-twitch muscle fibers or — more than likely — your kid’s. In contrast, PLAYMAKER FOOTBALL is more akin to “moving chess.” It was designed from the outset to be a pure football strategy game that lets you be the coach, calling the plays and the shots. PLAYMAKER’s unique Artificial Intelligence system is customizable, allowing you compete not only against different teams, but different coaching styles as well! PLAYMAKER for PALM features include: 160 X 160 resolution graphics; Zoom In & Zoom Out perspectives for optimal viewing pleasure. Comes with 4 Teams, each with 30 player rosters (22 starters & 8 alternates). Compatible with PALM 3.5 or higher. Memory Requirement - Approximately 650 kb as shipped; will vary with playbook size. For more information, visit our website at: www.playmaker.com/palm

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