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Jack Pedersen


Numbers Only, Inc. partners with Narain Mockenhaupt, Inc. to launch @Par Suite for Lawson Applications. @Par will extend Lawson Supply Chain Applications through mobile technology North Brunswick, NJ, June 18, 2003 – Numbers Only, Inc., a leading provider of mobile enterprise applications has partnered with Narain Mockenhaupt, Inc. (NarMock) a leading ERP Business Solutions and Software Consulting company to launch @Par Mobile Supply Chain Execution Suite for Lawson Applications. "Our partnership with NarMock has enabled us to extend our product to support Lawson Applications" said Raju VK, President of Numbers Only, Inc. “The Lawson support dramatically strengthens our portfolio of offerings. This launch comes at a time when several Lawson customers are placing increasing importance on real-time access to enterprise information and the ability to monitor the activities of materials management staff.” "With our joint solution, Lawson customers will be able to gain real-time visibility of their supply chain management system." Said Paul Mockenhaupt, President of NarMock. @Par will seamlessly extend the Lawson ERP on to mobile devices and will streamline processes, reduce material handling errors, reduce inventory costs, and provide accurate real-time data needed to make critical business decisions. @Par will help Lawson customers achieve significant increases in productivity and workflow efficiencies. @Par for Lawson leverages the existing enterprise infrastructure as well as the Lawson system to empower the mobile users with easy-to-use applications at the point of activity. @Par adds real-time, wireless data collection functions to Lawson’s widely used and vertically focused industry solutions software. Designed to run on any Windows CEÓ based wireless handheld terminal, it streamlines the data collection and updating process during the Par Level Management, Receiving, Distributing, Put away, Pick, and Cycle Counts. Compatible with Lawson versions 7.2.3 or higher and supporting Windows CE and 802.11B standards, @Par can be deployed with the both the WLAN, GPRS/GSM, or the offline modes. About Lawson Lawson Software provides business process software solutions that help services organizations in the healthcare, retail, professional services, public sector, financial services and other strategic markets achieve competitive advantage. Lawson's solutions include enterprise performance management, distribution, financials, human resources, procurement, merchandising and services automation. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., Lawson has offices and affiliates serving North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Additional information about Lawson is available at www.lawson.com. About Narain Mockenhaupt, Inc. NarMock is Business Solutions and Software Consulting Company focusing on the implementation, customization, technologies, and product development for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. NarMock has over 20 years of global experience in this business enabling it’s clients to realize the value proposition of ERP. In these 20 years, they have successful implementation in North America, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Europe. For more information about NarMock., call (651) 484-8777 or visit www.narmock.com. About Numbers Only, Inc. Numbers Only, Inc. is a leading Wireless Applications Company headquartered in North Brunswick, NJ with operations in North America, Asia, and Africa. Numbers Only offers @Par, a product that mobile enables enterprise systems and helps businesses mobile enable their staff. CONTACT: Jack Pedersen Director, Business Development Ph. 732-246-4644, Fx. 246-0062 jackp@numbersonly.com www.numbersonly.com

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