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New SharkPoint v1.3 scuba log update








17/11/02 - Utrecht, The Netherlands -- DreamDives® today announced version 1.3 of its top selling Windows® and Palm OS® scuba logbook software, SharkPoint®.

SharkPoint 1.3 is an inexpensive, easy to use, and full-featured diver's logbook. Designed for recreational divers, the SharkPoint interface won't bother users with endless options and difficult to use features. Users are allowed to enter as much information or as little as they like and output it easily to every own designed hardcopy.

SharkPoint version 1.3 is the first digital scuba logbook to allow users to create and edit logbooks on the handheld and PC. With the free to use revolutionary DiveSync software users are able to transfer all their logbook data directly between the two platforms.

The Palm application is ready for use today and also will be compatible with future ARM-based devices running Palm OS 5. The Windows companion is completely based on Window XP technology.

"Our goal is to be the best handheld and desktop companion for scuba logbook users. The product is robust enough that it can accommodate a range of users, from those who primarily review scuba logbooks to those who take advantage of the ability to create there own logbook format from scratch." said Spencer Schols, CEO, DreamDives.

The new SharkPoint 1.3 includes many new features that make working with scuba logbooks much more easier then editing a paper document. New features include:

  • DiveSync Direct Link
    DDL is a new DiveSync concept which enables users to transfer there scuba logbook data supper fast between then Palm handheld and then Desktop PC.

  • The Dive Planner and the Dive Plan Wizard
    Plan your dive with the most common dive table systems (like PADI, NAUI, SSI etc.) or check if your dive is correctly planned. With the Dive Plan Assistant or the Dive Plan Wizard enables you to calculate the RNT, ATB, TBT -times and corresponding dive pressure groups.

  • Advanced statistic and search tools
    Statistics and search tools make your electronic log much more useful that one kept on paper.

  • Advanced SharkPoint manual
    SharkPoint v1 full color 60+ pages manual is now included free of charge in the installation file.

    Pricing and Availability
    SharkPoint DualPack (Palm & Windows version) sells for around $39.95 and is available today directly through DreamDives (www.dreamdives.org), as well as from leading domestic Palm and Windows internet portals (only the Palm version which sells for around $29.95).
    The SharkPoint v1.3 software update is free of charge for existing DreamDives customers.

    DreamDives vision is to empower people through high-quality dive logging software products that enable the exchange of dive information between different computing platforms. DreamDives strives to produce innovative products that meet our customers' evolving needs.

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