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HandheldNews.com : Software : Wireless / Palm VII : Data Representations, Inc. Launches Simplicity for Mobile Servers.
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Data Representations, Inc. Launches Simplicity for Mobile Servers.






San Jose, CA, For immediate release - The general availability of Simplicity for Mobile Servers was announced at PalmSource Expo 2002, by Data Representations, Inc. This new rapid application development software was shown for the first time in the Cingular Wireless booth. Data Representations & Cingular built integrated server and Palm applications for attendees then sent responses and requests via PalmNet to a server based in New Jersey. The demonstration was a proof statement for how quickly and efficiently the network operates and how easy it is to program applications and servlets in a J2EE and J2ME Java Enterprise Environment using Simplicity for Mobile Servers rapid application development tools. Pulling inventory information from a JDBC compliant database and returning XML to be parsed, cached, rendered and displayed on the i705 took only 8 seconds or less on the Cingular Wireless Mobitex network. Simplicity wrote the application to use the network resources with the highest degree of efficiency and provided an exceptional user-friendly experience. Simplicity for Mobile Servers includes multiple tools that ring in a new era for Java developers assigned with the task of creating interactive mobile applications for corporations, business users, and ASP models that will be deployed on Java-enabled applications servers and wireless devices such as cell phones, PDA’s and pagers. “Simplicity for Mobile Servers marks another milestone in the evolution of the Simplicity for Java family of Rapid Application Development Tools,” said Mr. Sayres. “Today, many corporate CTO’s and CIO’s want to move forward in the wireless arena but the lack of tools, applications and directions have stalled their plans. We have created an entire RAD solution that lets developers drag and drop their way from integrating back-end data all the way to deploying applications on multiple styles of client-side hand-held devices. Because of our visual component based development environment, and our exclusive “Execution-On-The-Fly” technologies, programmers can simultaneously develop and view back-end data, servlet creation, and front-end midlet development on one screen.” Mr. Sayres added “Never before have programmers had it so good. And, best of all, it eliminates most, if not all, manual coding” Please see the attached URL for the entire release. http://www.datarepresentations.com/news/mobileServers.shtml

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