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Intava Gravity - Wireless Palm Authoring Application




Intava Corporation


INTAVA RELEASES THE INDUSTRY'S FIRST MULTI-PLATFORM WEB AUTHORING APPLICATION - Beta Release of Intava Gravity Attracts Over 5,000 Web Developers! BELLEVUE, Washington – October 9, 2001 – Intava Corporation, a leading provider of easy-to-use wireless development applications, today announces the immediate availability of Intava Gravity™ v1.0, the industry’s first multi-platform Web authoring application. Intava Gravity allows new or existing Web applications to be created for various wireless environments with a single development effort. Intava Gravity saves time and money by letting web developers simulate multiple device types, while avoiding the complexity of learning multiple markup languages. “Our development team has standardized on Intava Gravity for use in all of our wireless development initiatives,” stated Sophia Graham of Starstruck Media, a multimedia development and advertising services company. “Intava Gravity allows Starstruck Media to save a significant amount of time with its ability to rapidly develop and test new wireless Web applications. This directly translates into a greatly reduced development effort and increased savings for our clients.” With tens of millions of wireless data users globally, and well over 250,000 developers already creating applications for them, wireless application development is poised for growth. Until now, however, the development community has been forced to work without a product that properly addresses their unique development needs. Intava Gravity meets these needs by providing important functionality such as multi-platform Web authoring, which allows a single effort to target multiple devices at a reasonable price. ”Businesses looking at wireless Internet issues want to maximize the value of their existing IT investments, with first priorities given to wirelessly enabling existing applications,” stated Scott Ellison, Program Director, Wireless and Mobile Communications at International Data Corporation (IDC). “A multi-platform Web-authoring application can provide both development cost savings and simplicity, particularly for the multi-device wireless environment.” Intava Gravity Intava Gravity is a comprehensive application that revolutionizes the market by providing the functionality developers require: - An integrated design window that allows developers to create applications for use on multiple platforms simultaneously - Precise ability to control industry standard markup language in an integrated code window - Nearly two dozen custom simulators, representing the most accurate device simulation available - Easy one-step publishing of an application to existing Web infrastructure - Intelligent tools that allow commonly performed tasks to be accomplished through a simple drag-and-drop interface - Project wizards that allow anyone to create a new wireless application in minutes “Intava Gravity reduces the complexity, time and cost of making compelling Internet solutions available on a range of mobile platforms,” stated Troy Kaser, Vice President of Product Management at Intava. “This is the industry’s first multi-platform wireless Web development application, and it was the tremendous response from thousands of Web developers worldwide during our beta period that enabled us to come out with such a robust first generation product.” Pricing and Availability The multi-platform Intava Gravity Professional, priced at $695 per user, is available immediately for download and purchase at http://www.intava.com. Single platform versions of Intava Gravity are also available for $495. A fully functional 15-day trial version is available and technical support is free during the evaluation. About Intava Corporation Founded in July of 2000, Intava is focused on providing development applications to wireless web developers that ease the difficulty of building Web applications for mobile devices. Intava’s leaders, previously co-founding OmniBrowse, a company acquired by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and re-branded as MSN Mobile (http://mobile.msn.com), are dedicated to creating development applications for wireless developers. Intava’s flagship product, Intava Gravity, is an open, extensible platform in which users can rapidly and professionally develop rich mobile applications that are both easy to use and scalable. It provides a modular environment where code can be re-used and shared, and allows developers to target multiple device platforms with a single development effort. Initially supporting both WAP and Palm (NASDAQ: PALM) environments, Intava Gravity will also provide support for Microsoft’s Pocket PC platform. For additional information on Intava, please visit http://www.intava.com or send email to info@intava.com. All trademarks are recognized ###

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