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Press Release: Free Mobile Web Site Allows Anyone to Manage and Share his/her Own Information




David Gannon


CentralEdge Solutions


ARLINGTON, VA, August 31, 2001- CentralEdge Solutions in Arlington, VA announces the launch of the Mobile List web site. Located at mlist.centraledge.com, this free site gives anyone with an Internet capable PDA or mobile phone his or her own personal mobile web site. The site allows users to enter their own information to be shared, managed and accessed using such mobile devices as Palm, Blackberry, Pocket PC PDA’s, and Internet enabled mobile phones. Management functions include the ability to organize information and set up workflow processes. CentralEdge CEO Paul Kriebel says, “Our goal for the free site is to demonstrate the value of Mobile List to companies and organizations. We want to show that the same display and navigation rules that can be set up by individuals can be easily adapted by companies to create innovative mobile applications for managing existing data sources.” CentralEdge offers a wide range of XML connectors that dynamically access existing data sources, such as product catalogues for consumer use, or sales, directory or inventory data in legacy systems. Businesses with little or no knowledge of wireless communications protocols or markup languages can define their own mobile presentation, access, and workflow rules using this web-based tool. This free mobile portal will be attractive to anyone interested in quickly getting information in the hands of mobile users. Small businesses, families, the academic community, groups and organizations will all benefit from using the site. “Families can share lists for things like groceries, while classrooms and other groups can make their own important information accessible on mobile devices,” says Kriebel. “Workflow capabilities give small businesses the opportunity to design their own business process with their own collection of tasks.” The site is powered by CentralEdge Solutions’ Mobile Presentation Engine (MPE). This Java and XML-based tool accesses enterprise data systems and dynamically renders data in the correct format for mobile devices. A Java2 ME addition that takes advantage of the “always-on” capabilities of GPRS systems is scheduled for release in early 2002. About CentralEdge: CentralEdge Solutions develops innovative mobile solutions that offer simple and robust methods for delivering information on wireless handheld devices. The company’s Mobile Presentation Engine and Mobile List products utilize XML and Java technologies to offer their customers flexibility and extensibility for a growing wireless market. Contact Information Investor Relations: Steve Hamric (shamric@centraledge.com, 703-522-9700 x223) Media: David Gannon (dgannon@centraledge.com, 703-522-9700 x231)

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