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FireLogic, Inc. is celebrating the release of its HealthEngage Software for PalmOS and Wireless PalmOS. The Software allows asthma sufferers to collect, store and chart vital health information. It can be used on all handhelds, Macís, PCís and web-enabled cellular phones. The software is 100% Java. As FireLogic President Michael Slage explains, "There are over 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic diseases, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, etc. who must regularly use medical devices to monitor their health. A recent study showed that, with a proper management tool, the number of asthma-related deaths could fall to almost zero. We believe we have found that management tool. Handhelds now have the ability to make people well!" By using the HealthEngage Asthma Software, sufferers will be better able to manage their healthcare and activities by having the ability to enter health information at any time from any place. Doctors will be able to review patient information in a more useful manner through printable charts and a secure web connection. In addition, medical professionals will be able to use the software with patients as well as in clinical trials and research. FireLogic began in 1998 when Mr. Slage was working at NASA on the Telemedicine Program which monitors astronaut health while in space. NASA's concept was too expensive and bulky for practical use but by using new telecommunication and handheld technology, FireLogic has allowed patients on Earth to be helped. The company is comprised of scientists, physicians, and other professionals dedicated to helping chronically ill patients better manage their healthcare. The firm has plans to release software for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Weight Loss/Fitness Management in the near future. HealthEngage Asthma is available for purchase and immediate download from the companyís web site http://www.HealthEngage.com. There is also a fully functioning 15 day trial version available for download. Special Summer prices are also being offered through the end of August.

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