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PayOff Plus!




PayOff Plus! is a deluxe loan calculator for the Palm that lets you take control of your finances! With it, you can perform all the basic loan calculations, as well as several advanced operations that will have you in charge of your finances in no time.

  • Visit the car dealer with confidence; you can determine your monthly payment faster than your salesman.
  • Figure out if refinancing makes sense for you.
  • Is that credit card balance transfer really a good deal?
  • How much can you afford to borrow?
  • Will you save money by paying every two weeks instead of every month?
  • How much sooner will your loan be paid off if you increase your monthly payment?
  • How much interest are you going to pay over the life of the loan?

PayOff Plus! will help you with all of that and much more. With PayOff Plus! installed on your Palm, you will never need another loan calculator! PayOff Plus! offers more features than other loan calculators for a much lower price.

  • You can set or calculate the payment amount, number of payments, amount of the loan, or the interest rate.
  • View your payment schedule to see how much each payment will be and how much goes towards the principal and the interest.
  • Store an unlimited number of loans for easy reference.
  • Compare two loans side-by-side to determine which one is the better deal.
  • Show a color-coded chart of your balance and interest over the course of the loan.
  • View the total amount of interest paid for the loan.
  • View the total amount of interest paid each year during the course of the loan.
  • Set the number of payments each year.
  • Set the compounding period to any of 8 common choices.
  • Each loan can have a title for quick reference to the ones you use most.
  • Quickly and easily move between loans by using the Find button or the back and forward buttons.
  • Delete loans that are paid off or are no longer needed.
  • The payment schedule uses a dynamic calculation method to allow you to view loans with an unlimited number of payments.
  • View the details of any loan.

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