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Palm Shareware and Freeware

3D Games for PalmOS http://www.pda3dware.com
pure 3D entertainment for PalmOS at PC speed and low cost. Free downloads. 3D Tennis, 3D Blockout, 3D Bingo, 3D Lotto and more ... Former "Palm Depot" ... Read More

3D Palm Depot http://palmdepot.dir.bg
the unique shareware source for 3D games for your Palm handheld! The home of 3D Tennis, 3D Blockout, 3D Bingo and more ... ... Read More

Bomberman , Jezzball and More. <a href="http://www.rudrasoft.com"><b>.Want Free Games?? </b> </a> http://www.Rudrasoft.com
Get <b>Free Downloads</b> of all the games. Ultra Addictive games like Bomberman, Jezzball, Amaze, Xonix and other absolutely Free games.. ... Read More

Bomberman CMS v1.0 http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?prodID=48870
Try BombermanCMS, and the word "addiction" will get a knew meaning for you ;). Bomberman CMS offers 6 different battlefields where you fight against three AI-driven enemys. With your purchase of this great game for only $4 you support it's further development. The Demo-Version is limited to only one scheme file, and only one opponent. ... Read More

Calendae.com http://www.calendae.com
With www.calendae.com, you can manage online and share your diary and address book. And Calendae provides applications that synchronize your PDA (Palm or Pocket PC) with your Calendae's account. So you can share the diary of your PDA with your collegues or friends. Also backup the data of your PDA on an external doorway. ... Read More

Citikey London http://www.citikey.com
Citikey puts the city in your hand, with digital maps,events, restaurants, cinema listings, transportation, shopping and much more. Citikey is easy to use, quick, structured and gives you the best of the city...and it is completely free. ... Read More

EuroCool http://www.eurocool.com/
Over 1200 Palm Pilot freeware and shareware apps and many ways to find PalmPilot applications... ... Read More

Games, Hack & MACsoft Mailing List http://www.photographic.de/palmring.html
Games, Hack & MACsoft Mailing List. Contain direct DownloadURLS. Caution! We don't take responsibility for any problems using these programs. Please use with your own risk. Thank you. Hosted by Palm Games, Hack & MACsoft Web ring Ringhome at http://www.photographic.de/palmring.html 20 Keywords: palm pilot free shareware games hacks system download arcade board action application app game hack race fun prc 3com programs ... Read More

HandySA http://www.handysa.com
HandySA is a handy version of Simply Accounting (Tm) which let you view the records in the major Simply Accounting modules --- Inventory & Services, Customers, Vendors and Projects while you are in the front store or away from the office. ... Read More

HandySA (Simply Accounting) for Palm OS Launched http://www.handysa.com
HandySA Inc. has just launched a product named HandySA which is a handy version of ACCPAC's Simply Accounting which allows the Palm OS Users to view their Inventory & Services, Customers, Vendors and Projects information while they are at the front stores or out of their offices. Please visit www.handysa.com for more details. Your comments are valuable to us for future development. ACCPAC International had given out their Simply Accounting 8.5 at no charge – to the first one million U.S. small businesses. There are many current and potential customers would also interest to try our HandySA which provides them an extra mobile solution. A demo is now available for download at www.handysa.com. ... Read More

Healthy Palmpilot http://healthypalmpilot.hypermart.net/
Healthy Palmpilot, the net's most comprehensive archive of medical contents, has moved. The new URL is as above. It has also a new Message Board which serves as a forum for visitors to share their experiences/views regarding the medical use of palmpilot. ... Read More

Icons for Action Names (color and b/w), DateBk3 (DateBk4), AllMoney http://www.geocities.com/sdgware/
Addtional icons for the most popular PIM applications! ... Read More

MemoWare.com (formerly Pilot MemoWareHouse) http://www.memoware.com

PalmPilotSoftware.com http://www.palmpilotsoftware.com
ZDnet's software library. ... Read More

PalmPilotWare.com http://www.palmpilotware.com
An extensive collection of freeware, shareware, and demoware for the Palm Pilot. All downloads are free! ... Read More


PDA Shareware.com http://www.pdashareware.com
PDAShareware.com the largest resource for PDA's and HPC's including Psion WinCE Pilot Newton and many more, PDA Shareware.com is the first PDA / HPC site to be available in 5 languages ! ... Read More

Photogather for Palm http://eusoftware.com/download/pgpalm5.zip
<p class="size2"><img border="0" src="http://www.eusoftware.com/image/pgpalm.gif" width="160" height="160"></p> Photogaher for Palm OS, a wonderful digital album on Palm with image editor, viewer ,browser and a picture taker built-in, makes it possible for you to view , edit and take photos anytime, anywhere. <br><br> <li><b>Features</b></li><br><br> <li><b>Demonstrate and organize your pictures on Palm</b></li><br> From your PC desktop, you can transmit JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF and TGA to your palm device. <br><br> With slide-show function, your palm will show your favorite pictures automatically.<br><br> To match your own Palm's color mode, you can choose true color, 256 color, 256 gray scale, 16 gray scale, 4 gray scale and even black-white mode to transfer pictures. With our tech, you'll enjoy photos of rich colors even thou ... Read More

PilotZone http://www.pilotzone.com/
a Palm-dedicated version of the famous Tucows ... Read More

PocketPyro Inc. http://www.pocketpyro.com
Makers of a mp3 player/mass storage add-on for the Palm. ... Read More

Shareware at www.photographic.de http://www.photographic.de/share/Palm/html/ospalmindex.html
PalmGames, Hack & Mac Shareware. The site contain download datas ( Games, Hacks or PalmMACsoft ) Caution! We don't take responsibility for any problems using these programs. Please use with your own risk. Thank you. ... Read More

To change your wallpaper and screensaver automatically.  
AutoDesk CatGhost 2.1 is a very useful desktop software. I think, there are a lot of lovely wallpapers or screensavers, and you can change your wallpaper or screensaver at anytime on everyday automatically, and you can get a new sense everyday. That's the wonderful effect of the AutoDesk Catghost. ... Read More

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