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Palm Magazines and Publications

Bityard Magazine http://www.bityard.com
Daily publication of fresh new reviews and stories about gadgets, its hardware and software. A very good resource. ... Read More

Book: Teach Yourself PalmPilot and Palm III in 10 Minutes http://www.business-trip.com/PalmBook
A new book, Teach Yourself PalmPilot and Palm III in 10 Minutes, is now available. For more details, please see the web site. http://www.business-trip.com/PalmBook ... Read More

cepalm.com a newsmagazine for palm and ce users or people thinking about buying a palm http://www.cepalm.com
cepalm.com is a good place for beginners and people not sure about what PDA to start using, it gives reviews and comparisons of most of the latest products. Not sure what to get your husband this Christmas, check out cepalm.com ... Read More

Creative Digital Design http://www.cdpubs.com/

HandHeldCrime http://www.handheldcrime.com/
Delivering free short mystery stories, articles, news and reviews twice monthly through our website and directly to users of handheld computers by email and AvantGo. ... Read More

HandheldReporter http://www.handheldreporter.net
HandheldReporter provides a one-stop resource for those who must research and report on the latest in mobile computing technologies, including Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds, enterprise and consumer solutions, productivity applications, utilities, entertainment software, and accessories. ... Read More

PalmPower Magazine http://www.palmpower.com/
PalmPower Magazine is a free, 12-page monthly "how-to" journal about the PalmPilot organizer. Each issue will offer great ideas and helpful techniques designed to help PalmPilot users get the most out of their PalmPilot device. Published on the web at http://www.palmpower.com, PalmPilot organizer users will also be able to view the latest news about PalmPilot-related happenings, read product reviews, and interact with other PalmPilot organizer users as well as with vendors of PalmPilot software and hardware products. ... Read More

Piloteer Magazine http://www.pmn.co.uk/frameson/piloteertrial.html

Sample Chapters PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide, Second edition http://www.ora.com/catalog/palmpilot2/
Three sample chapters from the new book by David Pogue: PalmPilot: the Ultimate Guide, Second Edition. ... Read More

Sample Chapters Pogue's PalmPilot: the Ultimate Guide http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/palmpilot2/
Sample chapters from David Pogue's new book PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide Second Edition. ... Read More

ScribblePDA GUARANTEES best PDA protection http://www.scribblePDA.com
Scribble (www.scribblePDA.com) has introduced a range of ultra protective hard cases for the Palm m500/m505, m100/m105 and V/Vx range. Scribble's Chameleon hard cases come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and the offer of a full refund to anyone who doesn't agree they're the world's most protective PDA cases. Scribble has focused on what it calls 'real world protection', with secure sliding catch closure of its crash-helmet grade ABS plastic hard cases. Scribble guarantees the cases won't flap open even during an impact 'unlike other hard cases on the market'. Scribble's cases were tested during an aircraft drop test carried out by journalists from Austria's Palmtop Pro magazine. For this and other tales from the edge have a look at http://www.scribblepda.com/customers.html Oh and they change colour too! SCRIBBLE HARD CASE MAIN FEATURES: - Secure sliding catch closure (we guarantee these won't flap open even during impact) - Made from crash-helmet grade ABS plastic (kills impact shock far better t ... Read More

The Palm Tipsheet  
The Palm Tipsheet is a free monthly newsletter with practical tips for Palm handheld users, including Palm, Hanspring, TRG and IBM PalmOS devices. Each issue includes many interesting web links along with topical articles about Palm hardware, software focusing on how to use your handheld more effectively. <P> Review previous archived issues of the Palm Tipsheet or sign up to receive the Palm Tipsheet via email at the Palm Tipsheet Website: <P> <A HREF="http://www.palmtipsheet.com/">http://www.palmtipsheet. com/</A> ... Read More

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