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Palm Application Developers

AirSpell, LLC http://www.airspell.com
AirSpell, LLC is a leading software publishing company dedicated to simplifying consumers' digital lifestyle. Established in 2002, AirSpell is developing a portfolio of software applications leveraging the communication capabilities of today's mobile devices. In October 2002, the company unveiled its first product - AirClock - the only alarm clock application for Palm Powered handhelds to feature remote control capabilities. The company is privately held and is located in Miami Beach, Florida. ... Read More

Aportis Technologies Corp. http://www.aportis.com/
Our mission is to create small business and enterprise-based productivity solutions for people whose work takes them away from their desks, or for people who do not work at a desk. ... Read More

AptHand http://www.apthand.com/
AptHand markets palm pilot software, including Home Buying for Digerati. Home Buying for Digerati provides real estate advice, a glossary, mortgage calculator and home database to track house listings. ... Read More

Aramis Communications http://www.aramis-inc.com/
Makers of Aramis City Guides, DialerPro 2.0, and the Int'l Traveler series. ... Read More

ArcoSoft http://www.arcosoft.com/index.htm
Home of Palmpilot software EbonyIvory, SourcePack, Ted-Truss, and TuningFork ... Read More

Bradley Keith Goodman http://www.oai.com/PalmDraw/
Writer of PalmDraw, a Shareware program for the Pilot which give you the powerful object-based graphics tools found in many popular PC based programs. ... Read More

CASLsoft http://www.caslsoft.com/
Developing PalmOS applications is easy with CASL, a tool to enable you to use your Windows PC to quickly create software for the PalmPilot. ... Read More

Cervando Ortiz http://home.earthlink.net/~cortizva/molehill/
MoleHill; This was my first attempt at a 3D game on the pilot. ... Read More

CoPilot Homepage http://www.hewgill.com/pilot/copilot/index.html

Custom Software Development http://www.technohand.com
We develop custom application software for the Palm OS and Windows CE. Our latest addition to the range is a palm grid view control for the Satellite Forms (Tm) SDK. ... Read More

Cutting Edge Software, Inc. http://www.cesinc.com/

Cyclos http://www.cyclos.com/

DataViz http://www.dataviz.com/Products/PIM-PDA/DxTG/DxTG_home.html
Your Complete Synchronization Solution for Palm™ Organizers. Wherever you enter information, Desktop To Go will synchronize it automatically. ... Read More

DecisionSoft Limited http://www.xmlscript.org/download.html
XML Script, a full programming language optimized for handling XML. ... Read More

DeLorme http://www.delorme.com/products/palmpilot/
Turn your Palm Computing® Organizer into a Personal Navigator with DeLorme mapping, GPS and database products ... Read More

Dovcom http://www.dovcom.com/
We produce quality software for the Palm platform. ... Read More

Ectaco, Inc. - dictionary software developer http://www.ectaco.com
Ectaco, Inc. is a dictionary software developer, all the products are represented at Ectaco.com/software. ... Read More

ElectronHut.com http://www.electronhut.com/pilot/
Cool games for the Palm Pilot. ... Read More

Fahl Software http://www.birthdate.com/index.htm

Fred Bayer http://www.lispme.de/lispme/
This page is dedicated to LispMe, the Scheme system developed by me, Fred Bayer, for the Pilot PDA by 3COM. ... Read More

Fundamental Objects, Inc.  
Fundamental Objects,Inc. (FO) We use Agile development techniques to create cost effective applications ... that exceed our clients' expectations. We have a proven success record with many large clients, on projects integrating wireless and wired handheld devices with corporate data. Our projects include Unix, Windows, VMS, Solaris, Macintosh OS, Palm OS, WinMobile, WinCE, PocketPC and many languages and database engines. We are located outside Philadelphia, PA in the USA. See www.fo.com for more. Skills & Experience PalmOS, PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Windows 200x/NT, Macintosh, C/C++, JavaScript, VBScript, Satellite Forms, SQL Server, Oracle. Medical/Health, Sales Force Automation, Finance/Accounting, Energy/Construction/Mining, Transportation. ... Read More

General Microsystems http://www.IntelligentFind.com
Makers of IntelligentFind; The easiest way to find information on your PalmPilot. ... Read More

Georg Bauer http://www.westfalen.de/hugo/forth/index.html
Documentation and Sources for PilotFORTH. ... Read More

Gisle's World http://break.org/gisle/PalmOS/
Palm OS Applications by Gisle Bjoerneseth. ... Read More

Globalware Computing http://www.globalware.com/
Developers of PylonPRO: Instantly transform custom LOTUS NOTES (tm) databases into custom 3COM PALMPILOT (tm) applications! ... Read More

Greg Hewgill http://www.hewgill.com/pilot/jump/index.html
JUMP Homepage: Jump is a program that allows developers to write JavaTM code for the PalmPilot handheld PDA from 3Com. ... Read More

Hands High Software http://www.handshigh.com/
Productivity and Journaling tools for your palm pilot organizer. ... Read More

Ilium Software http://www.iliumsoft.com/
At Ilium Software, we build and sell products that make your life <b><font color="0000ff">simpler</font color></b>, not more complicated. Our products are easy to use, and make it simple and painless for you to organize -- and use -- your information. <hr> Simple Software for a <font color="0000ff">Simpler</font color> Life ... Read More

Innovation-Z http://innovation-z.com
Developer of RhythmPro, the drum machine and metronome program for the Palm. ... Read More

InstantEmail for Palm OS  
InstantEmail for PalmOS has the ability to Send & Receive Email from anywhere using a Palm handheld device(PDA). The software allows users to retrieve email messages from an existing email account, along with an InstantEmail Palm-enabled email address. One of the features included with the Palm-Enabled Email account and software is its ability to create multiple new and additional email accounts "on-the-fly" (you@instantemail.net, me@instantemail.net). Users can also control incoming Email by routing copies to an existing Email address, digital phone, alpha pager or to any fax machine worldwide. <br><br> Another powerful feature is the "deferred or scheduled Email". These Email are created and scheduled for a future delivery time. Perhaps, to remind yourself or an associate of an upcoming event or meeting. Sales professionals can create and schedule follow-up Email to clients for delivery, days, weeks or months later. Sending and receiving Email while traveling is easy. ... Read More

Jane Halfond http://www.bway.net/~halfondj
Maker of EZtip: Calculates the tax and tip amounts/percentages and itemizes a bill for up to 15 people. ... Read More

Jeff Jetton http://www.mindspring.com/~jetton/pilot/index.html
A variety of palm software written by Jeff Jetton. ... Read More

Jolly's Pilot Page http://home.t-online.de/home/johler/pilot.html

JP Systems, Inc. http://www.jpsystems.com/
Wireless Mobile solutions for the palm platform. ... Read More

Kenneth Tsang's Pilot Page http://members.hknet.com/~ktsang/
Financial software for the Palm. ... Read More

KPoole Software http://www.kpoole.com
KPoole Software specializes in innovative handheld gaming for Windows CE and the PalmOS. ... Read More

LDW Software, LLC http://www.ldw.com
Developer of Casino games for Palm OS devices. These games teach correct basic strategy and include Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker and Video Poker. ... Read More

LilyTears Palm Software  
Music (guitar etc.), and spirituality (Kabbalah/Qabalah, magick, occult, philosophy, Thelema) software. ... Read More

Little Wing Software Development http://www.lwsd.com/
Makers of the world's most elegant software for Palm Computing Platform handheld devices. ... Read More

Mark/Space Softworks http://www.markspace.com/pagenow_pilot.html
PageNOW! allows you to send messages, reminders, shedules and more to pagers and digital phones. ... Read More

MEW3 PalmPilot Software Development http://www3.gamewood.net/mew3/pilot/

Mitch's Palmfilez Software Site http://www.palmfilez.com/
Mitch's Palm Pilot Filez Site. Were you can download all of your 3rd Party palm pilot software. If you are a developer you can update or submit your programs online ... Read More

Mobile Generation Software http://www.mobilegeneration.com/
Simple and Efficient software solutions for the PalmOS. ... Read More

Neil Pollard http://www.antigone.demon.co.uk/pilot/
Creater of Pipeline Perils and Go to Jail; two fun palm games. ... Read More

Ophir's Pilot Stuff http://www.prusak.com/pilot.html
Developed E-Racer. This is a top view racing game for the PalmPilot. ... Read More

OrbWorks http://www.orbworks.com/

Palmation Software http://www.palmation.com/software/index.html

Palmeta Software Co. http://www.palmeta.com/
Palmeta Mail transfers incoming email to your PalmPilot’s Memo Pad "Inbox" and outgoing email (or fax) composed on PalmPilot to your PC email "Outbox" with each HotSync. ... Read More

Paragon Software (SHDD) http://www.penreader.com
<p>Paragon Software (Smart Handheld Devices Division) is one of the leading European software development companies. We create software for all of the most popular mobile computers: Palm OS (Palm, Sony, Visor, HandEra), Windows CE/Pocket PC, Symbian OS (Nokia 9210), Casio PV. <p>Among our projects are: <ul> <li>Developer Tools <li>Translation Dictionaries <li>Games <li>Localization <li>Utilities </ul> <p>For more information, please, visit our site at <a href="http://www.penreader.com">www.penreader.com</a> ... Read More

Pen Computer Solutions http://www.pencomputersolutions.com
PCS designs and programs custom software applications for the PalmPilot, Palm III, IBM WorkPad and Symbol SPT 1500. Applications are one of a kind tailored specifically to the clients specifications. ... Read More

Pendragon Software Corporation http://www.webfayre.com/
Create your own custom forms for Palm Computing® Platform devices... ... Read More

Per Annum, Inc. http://www.perannum.com
Indispensable city guides for corporate traveller and urban resident alike...available for the cities of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan, and a Metropolitan version (above cities plus Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.). Includes numbers, locations, and price ranges for hotels and restaurants, stores of every category, and special, government, emergency, and transportation numbers. Download a free demo version at our Website. ... Read More

Peter Strobel http://www.pstec.de/ppp/
Peter's Pilot Pages ... Read More

Pilot Software by John Valdes http://astro.uchicago.edu/home/web/valdes/pilot/

Pilot to HTML http://www.interactive.net/~dccase/pilot/pilot.htm
Turn Your Palmpilot into a web site. Convert your MemoPad to HTML with Memo2Web 32-bit version 1.1 New Version converts attached Memo PLUS drawings Convert your Address Book to HTML with AddBook2Web 32-bit version 1.0e ... Read More

PilotFan http://www.pilotfan.com/
Makers of Classic arcade game simulators Galax and Froggy. ... Read More

PilotMail Online http://www.pilotmail.net/

PilRC http://www.scumby.com/scumbysoft/pilot/pilrc/index.htm

Portable Technology Solutions  
<p><b>Portable Technology Solutions, LLC</b></p> Developer of bar code enabled Palm powered inventory, maintenance, and data collection programs. Authorized reseller of Symbol Palm powered terminals. Software titles include Tracer, TracerPlus and Cross Check. ... Read More

Precise Solutions http://www.precise-solutions.cix.co.uk/pilot.htm
Designed MyLittle Buddy, a little Windows95 and WindowsNT 4.0 system tray applet that makes desktop life with 3Com's excellent range of organisers even easier. ... Read More

Quantum World http://www.t3.rim.or.jp/~quanta/English/

Quartus http://www.quartus.net/

RedTail Software http://www.redtailsoft.com/

Ron's PalmPilot Information Page http://www.nicholson.com/rhn/pilot.html

Sareen http://www.sareen.com/
Officetalk, the workgroup information manager. This Palm Pilot conduit provides the ultimate in portability for users on the move. ... Read More

Scott Ludwig's PalmPilot Software http://www.eskimo.com/~scottlu/pilot/

Seimitsu Software http://www.seimitsu.demon.co.uk/pilotprogs.htm
A variety of games compatible with all Palm Computing Platform hardware. ... Read More

ShadowPack http://www.shadowpack.com

Sports Datebook http://sportsdatebook.freeservers.com
"The easiest way to get your favorite team's schedule on your Palm" NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB team schedules Date and time for each game Syncs seamlessly with your PalmPilot© datebook using Palm Desktop Extremely easy to install No extra programs required $5.00/team $50.00/entire league ... Read More

Stylus Metrics  
Stylus Metrics is a joint venture between Zebra Projects Inc and Social Sector Metrics Inc, both of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company was founded in 2002 to provide software consulting and development services concentrating on the development of PDA based collection of Metrics. We are currently actively involved in Medical Metrics and Oil & Gas SCADA Measurement software development projects for the PDA. We are also busy with the development of a number of generic products including PDA based data acquisition via Modbus. (See products for details). www.stylusmetrics.com ... Read More

TealPoint Software http://www.tealpoint.com/

The ISAAC Group http://www.isaac.cs.berkeley.edu/pilot/

The LaunchPad Page http://www.nwlink.com/~emilyk/LaunchPad/

Town Compass, LLC http://www.PocketDirectory.com

TrekWare http://www.trekware.com
TrekWare is a leading provider of mobile computing solutions for people on the go. Our flagship product is StreetSigns 2.5, an interactive mapping application for travelers who use the 3Com Palm™ organizer. ... Read More

Universal Tracking System for PalmOS http://www.utracksys.com
Tracking and logging software for Palm that keeps track of any measurable value: money, weight, calories, time, and many more. ... Read More

Venkman's PalmPilot Page http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Way/4696/

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