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Scott A. Roberts
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My wife and I both have very busy schedules.  We both carry a PDA with us to manage that busy schedule, and we both carry different brands of PDA.  My wife prefers the PalmV and I prefer either my HP Jornada 548 or my HP Jornada 680.  And, since my wife's and my schedule depend on each other so much, it is imperative that we keep our schedules in sync.  I have tried the various Palm to PocketPC / Windows CE applications and have not been pleased with any of them, until I tried SyncTalk.  

This amazing program has the features of several of the other IR Transfer programs with a few added "perks."  The most amazing feature is that you can select several appointments, a contact, and a couple memos, and transfer them all as one "package."

SyncTalk is available for the Palm, PocketPC and Windows CE platforms.

The PocketPC / Windows CE version of the software has the option of being able to transfer the Palm version of the software to a Palm Pilot so that communication between the two can be established.  This is very nice when you are on the road and you have an associate that has a Palm and you want to transfer information.

The User Interface is simple and very self explanatory.  You can view Appointments, Memos, or contacts.  Select the items that you want to transfer and add them to the outbox.  You can then go tot he next section, select the items you want and add them to the outbox.  You can then view your outbox to verify the contents prior to sending.  Once you are ready, align the IR ports on the two devices and send.  All the items in the Outbox are sent to the other device as one package.  That user is them prompted to accept the package and add them items to their appropriate databases.

You are not limited to sending data between Palm and PocketPC / Windows CE.  Palm users can send to other Palm users, as can PocketPC / Windows CE users to other PocketPC / Windows CE--the greatest advantage of SyncTalk is the fact of being able to send data from Appointments, Memos, and Contacts all at one time.

SyncTalk retails for $29.95 and can be purchased by going to http://www.synctalk.com.   A trial version of the software can also be downloaded from this site.  It will be the best $29.95 you spend on your Palm or PocketPC / Windows CE device. 

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