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Scott A. Roberts
ICQ: 2425719
AOL: robesa69
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Recently, when I opened my e-mail, I received a letter from a company about a new stylus.   In the letter I was asked to evaluate this new stylus, and encouraged to run it through several tests.   I responded to the e-mail and told them to go ahead and send me a sample of this new stylus and I would give them my opinion.  A few days later, my package from TrueTip arrived with 3 very brightly colored finger styli enclosed.

The one-piece stylus slips on your index finger. It consists of a split band, adjustable to your finger size, and a slender but sturdy strip that curves from the band to the stylus tip and under your fingertip. The nylon is smoothly finished so the stylus is comfortable to wear.   The photo on the package shows the stylus being worn with the strip from the band on top of the finger; however, I have found that the stylus is more comfortable if worn the opposite way.  In either case, the stylus fits on your finger whichever is more comfortable for you.

I am very hard on my stylus.  I have dropped them, stepped on then, rolled over them with my desk chair, and even forgotten them in my pocket so they end up going through the wash.   TrueTip claims to be almost indestructible, and several people have put it to the test.

·         One associate of mine decided to put the TrueTip through a “torture” test.  She placed her TrueTip in the middle of the floor and began to jump up and down on it.  She then picked up the TrueTip and noted that it not only still in one piece, but in its original shape.

·         Another associate recently borrowed one of my TrueTip from me and went out the driveway and put it under the tire and rolled over it a few times.  Other that a few scratched from the pavement, the TrueTip was in excellent condition.

·         I let my TrueTip go through the washer and dryer a few times.  My biggest problem is leaving things in my pocket.  Although my wonderful wife tries to catch most things that are left in my pockets before they go into the wash, there have been a few to get by.  After several trips through the washer and dryer, my TrueTip is still in “tip-top” condition.

Being made out of nylon, the band seems to be able to hold it shape and size.  All you have to do to make the band fit your finger is to squeeze it to the diameter that you want.  It “remembers” the position and stays there.

I am very picky about my stylus.  Not only does it have to “fit” my hand, but I have to be able to write accurately with it.  Writing with the TrueTip feels like writing with the end of your finger.  The design of the band and strip give the TrueTip the stability to stay on your finger and make writing comfortable and accurate.

The TrueTip is available in black, white, or multicolor and sells for $9.99 at http://www.truetip.com.   This is one accessory for your PDA that you cannot do without.


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