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Scott A. Roberts
ICQ: 2425719
Voice Mail & Fax: 509-472-3589

I carry lots of information on my palm--Addresses, Press Releases, Advertisiments, Documents, Web Site Information.   I like to have have information at my fingertips when I want it, not when my computer finally boots up and I open the document or web site..  Coola has designed a way to make that possible.  By using what Coola calls a Coolet, I can have just about any information on my Palm.  By using my document reader (like Aportis), I can view my Coolets any time I need to.

There are 5 different types of Coolets. Document, Address, Event, Memo, Signature.   Each one of these Coolets serve a distinct purpose and help you get various types of information onto your Palm device.  You can even send the Coolets to a friends Palm Device.

The Document Coolet

Let's just say that you are browsing the web and you find a web site that you want to put onto your Palm for later reference -- Product reviews, financial reports, legal briefs, or press releases can be taken from the web and transferred to a document reader on any Palm.  After installing the Coola Software, you can right click and convert that web page into a Coolet and send it to your Palm the next time you sync.  Or, you can go to the Coola Web site and create your Document Coolet from there.  The information that you need is right there when you need it.  You can also e-mail the Coolet to a friend, or copy the code to your web site so that others can get the document or web page also.  By Clicking the link below, you can copy this review to your Palm. 

Click this link to sync this review to your Palm.

The Address Coolet

You want have address information available from your web site for your clients--it could be suppliers, important contacts, or any address that you want to pass along to others..  Create an address Coolet.  Go to the Coola web site and create your Address Coolet.  Then, copy the code to your web site and you have the addresses available to anyone who needs it. You can also sync the Coolet to your own Palm or e-mail it to a friend.  As an example, I have included my Address Coolet in this review.

Click to sync to your Palm:
Coola - Sync to Palm
Address Book: Scott Roberts, Consultant, Roberts' Keyboard Connection

The Event Coolet

Like the Address Coolet, you can create a Coolet for a specific Event that you want others to remember.  By going to the Coola Web Site, you can enter the details of the specific date and sync it to your Palm, E-mail it to a friend, or put it on your web site. Here, I have included a Coolet for my birthday, so you can all remember.

 Click to sync to your Palm:
Coola - Sync to Palm
Date Book: Scott Roberts' Birthday - 14-OCT-01

The Memo Coolet

The Memo Coolet is for documents that you have on your computer that you want to put on your Palm.   You can take a Word Document and past the contents into the Memo Coolet at the Coola Web Site and create a Coolet that can be sync'ed to your Palm, E-mailed to a friend, or put on your web site for others to access

The Signature Coolet

You always want to be able to keep your close friends and associates up-to-date on your current address information.  Keep your Signature Coolet up to date and e-mail it to them, or make it available to them on your web site.  By going to the Coola Web Site, you can update your Signature Coolet and make it available on your web site, or simply send it in e-mail to your friends and associates.  Here is my Signature Coolet:

 Click to sync to your Palm:
Coola - Sync to Palm
Address Book: Scott Roberts, Consultant, Roberts' Keyboard Connection

Using Coola is very simple and understandable.  Your Coolets can be saved in your My Coolets area for future use.  Coola gives you the code needed to post your Coolets to your web site, and makes updating and modification of your Coolets very easy.   Be sure to try it out.  Go to http://www.coola.com and start creating your own Coolets.

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