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PrintBoy 2.0

Scott A. Roberts
ICQ: 2425719
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Many times, I am in a meeting where I need to print a text from MemoPad, or need to print an address out for someone who does not have a Palm Pilot.  When that happens, I turn to PrintBoy.

Installation of the software was simple and straight-forward.  Documentation for the program was excellent.  The features are also, very good.

If I were to ever loose or drop my Palm Pilot during the course of a day, I would be lost.  Everything I need to know resides in my Palm.  When I need to get information to someone, I go to my palm to make sure it is accurate.  If I need to give that information to someone, I either "Beam" it to them, or Print it.

The User Interface of PrintBoy is extremely easy to navigate and self-explanatory.  Upon running the PrintBoy shell, you are presented with a menu of applications in which you can print from.  At present those applications are: Addresses, Appointments, To Do's, Memos, Mail and Clipboard.

Addresses:  I, as many Palm Pilot users, keep countless numbers of addresses in my Address Book.  At last count, I have 1100, addresses in my Palm Vx Address Book.  Occasionally, someone will ask me for an address and want to write it down.  Before they can get out their pen and paper, hand it to them on a printed piece of paper right off my printer, using PrintBoy.

Appointments:  PrintBoy allows you to print your schedule by Date, Week, Month or Range.  The graphical print output is excellent and professional looking.  If your printer does not support the graphical output from PrintBoy, do not fear, the formatted text also is very professional looking.

To Do's:  Frequently in meetings, my boss will want to know what tasks I have on my plate.  Out meeting room is now equipped with an Infrared Laser Printer.  I simply run PrintBoy and print my complete Task List, and then let my boss re-prioritize my tasks, as all bosses can do so well.

Memos: As I said earlier, I keep a great deal of general information in my Palm -- Directions to different sites, Instructions on certain tasks, configuration information for networking equipment, and the list goes on.  Many times, I need those printed out.  Again, I run PrintBoy, select MemoPad, and then select the memo/note, I want to print.

Mail: In many of our lives, e-mail is a very important part of out daily jobs.  On an average day, I get between 200 and 350 e-mail.  Everything I do results in some form of an e-mail being sent or received.  When I need that E-mail printed,  I use PrintBoy to print it.

ClipBoard:  Since PrintBoy does not support printing from all applications on your Palm, the final way to print the information, is to copy the information to the clipboard and then use PrintBoy to print the contents of the Clipboard.  This is a very nice feature and has come in handy many times.

Some of the features that appear to be missing from PrintBoy are:

  • The ability to select one single category in To Do's to print.  I divide my To Do list into projects.  Sometimes, I want to be able to print just the category that corresponds with the project I am working on at the moment.  PrintBoy is not yet supporting this feature.
  • The ability to handle printing from any application.  I still have to have PalmPrint installed on my Palm to print from my DOC readers and other 3-rd party applications.
  • The ability to print from another Mail program besides Palm Mail.  I use a wireless modem on my Palm Vx and thus use a 3rd party mail application.  When I need to print from that mail application, I am not able to use PrintBoy.

PrintBoy is an excellent program.  The features are excellent.  For a cost of $14.99, it is an excellent bargain.

To try PrintBoy, you can download it here at HandHeld News by clicking on this link:


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