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Stinger Stylus

By Scott Roberts

With the number of styluses that I have had to replace, I probably am close to owning stock in company who actually manufactures the styluses for the Palm Vx.  I used to go through a 3-pack of styluses about once a month or so.   Then I heard about the Stinger Stylus -- my problems have been solved.

The Stinger Stylus comes in a 3-pack of multi color (Red, Blue and Yellow) or a 3-pack of grey.   A pack of three stylus cost just $4.95 and the stylus are shipped unassembled in a flat bag -- a perfect fit for any desk or briefcase.  Compared to the price of a pack of replacement stylus for most Palm devices, you can afford to have a couple packs of the Stinger Stylus on hand.

The Stinger Stylus is designed to fit virtually any sized finger and is fully adjustable to fit your comfort level.  It is made our of molded plastic and is extremely comfortable for extended periods of use.  I use my palm so much that frequently, I forget that I have my Stylus on my finger and people at the office ask me, "Okay, what is that 'thing' on your finger?"

After using the Stinger Stylus for a couple of weeks, I have found that I can enter information into my Palm with great ease and comfort -- As a matter of fact, this review has primarily been written on my Palm Vx with my Stinger Stylus

 I did however, find a couple of very minor problems while I was testing the Stinger Stylus.  The first is that it takes some time to get used to 'writing' with the end of your finger--I am used to using a stylus that is the size of a full-sized pen, so changing over to the Stinger Stylus took a little 'getting used to."  The next is that there is no really easy way to carry your Stinger Stylus unless you leave it on your finger.  You could put it in your pocket, but then you may forget that it is there and resort to using your regular stylus--Once you haves used the Stinger Stylus for a while, you seem to forget that it is on your finger.  

You can not beat the price and the usability.  This is an excellent product and a MUST HAVE for any Palm user.  For mor information and to order your Stinger Stylus contact Orbit Industries at http://www.stingerstylus.com.

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