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Backup Buddy

By Scott A. Roberts

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I sat down at the conference table for a meeting with some upper-level managers with a company that I have a contract with. My entire report for the meeting had been synchronized with my Palm only an hour earlier. I pushed the power button on my palm and was greeted with…NO DATA. This meeting was critical. I quickly went back to my car, fired up my laptop, and hooked up my sync cable to my pilot and began to sync. Within minutes, I was back in business and was again, ready for my meeting.

BackupBuddy is the most intensive backup program for your PalmPilot. By taking an image of what is on your Palm every time you sync, BackupBuddy can have you back up and running minutes after you find you have had a major data loss.

Some of the greatest features of BackupBuddy are:

  • The ability to specify what data is backed up form your Palm. I use AvantGo (http://www.avantgo.com), and in BackupBuddy, I specify that I do not need to back up the actual downloaded data. I only backup the AvantGo preferences.
  • The ability to backup Flash-ROM and expansion cards. I use TRG FlashPro (http://www.trgnet.com) and BackupBuddy backs up the programs that I have stored in the Flash-ROM.

These are not the only features that BackupBuddy has. BackupBuddy also has the option to remove duplicates from your internal Calendar, Phone and ToDo databases.

BackupBuddy is a MUST HAVE for any Palm user. BackupBuddy is available for both the Windows and MAC environments. BackupBuddy can be purchased for $29.95 – a small price to pay to protect your data. If you purchase BackupBuddy with its companion, InstallBuddy, you can get the package for $49.95. A 30-day demo can be downloaded from http://www.backupbuddy.com.

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