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By Scott A. Roberts

Robertsí Keyboard Connection


ICQ# 2425719

I do some training and public speaking, and one think I like to have is a digital clock that is easy to read. I also like to be able to see what time it is in another time zone. One of the nicest, most user-friendly programs that I have seen that does this is maClock.

maClock, offers the ability to see the date and local time, one additional time zone, swatch time, and the settings for three alarms; all one easy to read screen.



Customization of the time zones and cities is simple. From the Timezone menu option, you pick the time zone that you are in as well as the second time zone you want displayed. You can then enter the name of the city that you want to be displayed on the screen. This allows for any city in any time zone to be displayed


Alarms can be set to go off on any combination of days in a week. A message for each alarm can be set to display when the alarm goes off. You can also set the alarm to turn on your backlight, lock your palm, or shut your palm off. Sounds can be set to repeat from 1 to 60 times, and to pause between 0 and 9 seconds between each repeat. There are 9 pre-set alarm tunes that be selected with each alarm.


I found maClock to be easy to use and easy to configure. Registration is $11.95 and well worth the money.

For more information and a demo of maClock, visit


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