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HandheldNews.com : Reviews : Software : Abroad! 5.0

Abroad! Version 5.0

By Scott A. Roberts

Robertsí Keyboard Connection



Abroad! is a set of three applications: Currency Exchange, Unit Conversion and World Clock, all wrapped up in one software package. Also, included in the package is a World Information Database, designed to help you when you go "Abroad!"

The main screen of Abroad! contains four sections.

  1. The first is a memo window. This window is a free-form window to hold any information that you need at your fingertips: flight numbers, account numbers, phone numbers, travel plans, or other important notes.
  2. The next section is a money conversion section. In this section, you can set the location that you want to exchange money to. With a single tap, you can pop up a keypad; enter the amount of money you want to exchange, and the exchange amount will show up on that area.
  3. The third area shows you your home time zone and your visiting time zone.
  4. The final area on the main screen is the menu.
    • Currency Exchange: This section allows you to set and view currency exchange rates.
    • Unit Conversions: This section allows you to make a wide variety of unit conversions.
    • World Clock: From here you can add, view, and modify different time zone information; set your home and visiting time zone; and view the world map of where each time zone is located.
    • World Database: This section contains information on a vast amount of locations. The info displayed is current date and time, time differential from your home time zone, time differential from GMT, and dates of Daylight Savings Time. Other information that can be displayed is information about the country, as well as information for dialing into that county. You can also add your own notes about each county or location. You can also do a search in the database for a specific county to obtain the information.

    Currency Exchange updates can be downloaded from http://sub.nu/~inferno/palm/. This will allow you to always have the current currency exchange settings in your palm and at your fingertips

    Now, I do not do much international travel, but I do travel some within the Unites States. I have clients in other parts of the Unites States, and I have relatives in Canada. I find Abroad! most useful for being able to see what time it is in other parts of the county, and to see what the exchange rate is between the United States and Canada at any given time. Abroad! makes this fast and simple.

    Abroad! can be downloaded from http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Peaks/9768/. The current cost for Abroad! is $20.00.

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