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AnySchedule Version 2.0


By Scott A. Roberts

Robertsí Keyboard Connection



AnySchedule 2.0 is the newest in sports schedule programs. With the ability to maintain up to 99 schedules, the schedules that you entered are limited only to your imagination. A few of the ideas that I came up with were: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Golf, Auto Racing, Hockey, Horse Racing, and Tennis. In addition to the schedules that you can enter yourself, there are a wide variety of FREE schedules already on the web site that you can download.

"AnySchedule 2.0 allows you to create your own schedules.  Just tap the NEW button and you'll be prompted for a New Schedule Name.  The new schedule name will show up in the list of loaded schedules.  Just open it and start adding events."

In a short period of time, after installation, I was able to enter the complete season schedule for one of the local high school baseball teams. Entry of the schedule was pretty self-explanatory.

I only find two things that could be considered shortcomings of AnySchedule 2.0:

1) Although the information that is provided by AnySchedule 2.0 is both accurate and adequate, I find that the only feature missing is the ability to add any particular event to my date book from within the AnySchedule program.

2) The included documentation is limited to the README.TXT file that is included in the downloaded ZIP file. All other documentation offered is available from the AnySchedule 2.0 web site.

AnySchedule 2.0 can be downloaded from http://www.quantumlynx.com/anyschedule/. The demo of the software allows you to install ONE schedule. Once registered, the program supports 99 schedules.

AnySchedule 2.0 can be purchased for $15.00 from Palm Gear (http://www.viamall.com/pilotgearsw/brianhbell.html). It is well worth the $15.00 registration.

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