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HandheldNews.com : Reviews : Software : QuickSheet 4.1

Quicksheet 4.1

Spreadsheet for Palm Computing® handhelds

Quicksheet is the only spreadsheet for the PalmPilot that will synchronize directly with Microsoft Excel 97 or Microsoft Excel 2000 without having to struggle with cut and paste from MemoPad. The spreadsheets that you create are accessed directly from Microsoft Excel through the Quicksheet menu.

With 48 built-in functions that include many scientific, financial, date/time and statistical calculations, Quicksheet has become the most powerful spreadsheet program designed for the PalmPilot. Cell formatting features include left, center, right justification; bold or underlined text; number of decimals places; and locking of cells. Formatting Styles can be created for ease of formatting in any open spreadsheet.

Installation is a breeze. The installation procedure copies the files to you PC that are needed to creating, editing and deleting Quicksheet™ spreadsheet from your PC as well moving the files for installation on your PalmPilot on the next HotSync™. The Quicksheet program takes up 155k on your PalmPilot device. Additional space is needed for any spreadsheets that you have on your Palm device.

With its pull-down menus, Quicksheet™ is extremely simple to use, yet sophisticated enough to handle the needs of any experienced spreadsheet user.

Some of the other features of Quicksheet™ include:

  • Search and replace in any open spreadsheet.
  • Multiple linked sheets in a workbook
  • Multiple sheets per workbook.
  • 996 rows by 254 columns per sheet.
  • Ability to create your own styles for formatting individual cells.
  • Integrates with Quickchart charting software.
  • Supports beaming of spreadsheets from one PalmPilot to another.
  • Supports freezing cells and resizing cells.
  • Create charts using the Quickchart software

This week, while waiting at the doctor’s office for my appointment, I created my personal budget for the year including column and row additions and monthly average expenses. Entering the equations was extremely simple and I had my complete budget done in about 15 minutes.

Also in my line of work as a Telecommunications Analyst, information is sent to me in Excel format. I take these spreadsheets that are sent to me in Excel 97 and Excel 2000 and save them using the Quicksheet™ menu in Excel. My files are saved and synchronized on my next HotSync and the data is then available to me in Quicksheet.

The possibilities of Quicksheet are endless. The time from install to full use is minimal. In my opinion, this is a "5-star" program. A demo of the Quicksheet and Quickchart software can be obtained from http://www.cesinc.com/qsheet.html. At a cost of $49.95, Quicksheet is a great value for the money.

Review done by:

Scott Roberts

Roberts' Keyboard Connection


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