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Application Name:

Hot Games Pack




TB Labs, LLC



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Trial Version Duration:

21 days


The Hot Games Pack games are easy to learn, and difficult to master. These fun-filled games provide a refreshing break from your work, making you more productive when you return to your computer tasks.

Hot Games Pack is not just a simple pack with quick-made games. This is a bundle of high-quality games available separately but combined together to provide the games of all kinds for you.

These games are for you and for your children as well as some of them can be played by two humans simultaneously.


  • 16 games in a single pack, when we add a new game, registered users get it for free
  • Each game has at least 160x160 grayscale and color versions
  • Some games have special 320x320 and 240x320 high-resolution versions for Tungsten T(tm), Sony Clie(tm) and HandEra(tm) 330 handhelds
  • The games run on almost all Palm OS 3.1 (or above) powered devices. Even if you change your device to another one the games still run!
  • Discounted price. Save more than 50% purchasing Hot Games Pack
  • Each game can be installed separately, to prevent memory space waste.
  • Games contain a wide range of features and options that make gameplay more attractive
  • Updates and improvements for existing games are released each month, making the games corresponding to your demands
Game list
  • Alien Terrain - destroy the Enemy's galaxy. Space, ships, asteroids, cannons, bullets, lasers - as always... but stunning graphics and balanced gameplay make this game really attractive.
  • Battle City is a Palm OS version of the game played on Nintendo. Your aim is to drive a tank and save the city from enemies.
  • Air Ball is an arkanoid-like arcade game where you need to break blocks with a ball
  • Hot Checkers includes three versions of the classic board game: American Checkers, Russian Shashki, and Giveaway. You can play against the computer or human opponent.
  • Improve your visual memory with Memory Coach game.
  • In Hot Pipes, you add pieces of pipe to each other, to prevent water from spilling out.
  • Sokoban is a famous puzzle game from Japan where you have to push boxes into their designated places.
  • Sea War is the remake of a popular seawar game played on paper by two human players. Play it against your handheld. Your goal is to sink all computer's ships by shooting to its gamefield.
  • Card House includes six famous solitaires: Klondike, FreeCell, Trefoil, Grandfather's Clock, Four Seasons and Yukon
  • Paratroopers, in this game you have to defend the ground from enemy's paratroopers
  • Hot Hangman, the all-time educational favorite, challenges you to guess a hidden word before you're hanged.
  • Hot Snake is a worm-like arcade game in which you run in circles, collecting crabs without running into the walls or cactuses.
  • Hot Lines lets you remove pieces from the board by lining up five similar pieces in a row. As the board fills, the game gets harder and harder.
  • Hot Xonix is a multilevel game in which you capture squares while avoiding a clever alien.
  • Hot Worm is a fast-moving game, similar to the arcade machine versions, in which you eat bugs and avoid bumping into yourself.
  • Hunting is a logical game of Minesweeper style. Find hidden 'treasures' at the minimal number of moves.



Size: 2879 KBytes

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