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Personal BillPay




Executive Databases



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30 Days


This is our newest product. It is a simple but powerful tool to keep your Personal Budget in line. While most budgeting software is confusing and hard to set up, we created a product that is easy to use yet includes features not found in the more expensive budgeting software. Here are just a few of our features: The Main Page gives you an at-a-glance overview of your budget including Total Income, Total Outgo, and Variance. The Bill Information page holds the records containing payee name, address, phone number, account number, due date, how often the bill recurs (keep track of your quarterly, semi-annual, or annual insurance payments with ease), and even indicates whether it's a bank auto-pay! Spend 30 minutes entering the information and have easy access to it forever. It's easy to add and delete records, so if you take your business to another company or have a one-time expense Personal Bill Pay can keep track without complications. The Income page features a drop down calendar, making it easy to keep track of your income(s) as far in advance as you wish. It also calculates multiple incomes and gives you an at-a-glance overview of your income sorted by date. The Pay Bills Page features drop down menus. Once you have entered your bill information on the Bill Information page, simply click on the drop down menu, select the bill you want to pay, and enter the amount. Personal Bill Pay even includes an alarm, so you can be reminded to pay the power company before the lights go out! After you have chosen all the bills to be paid, enter your income and Personal Bill Pay subtracts your outgo from your income, telling you what's left. Also includes a drop down calendar, making it easy to keep track of your bills as far in advance as you wish and check boxes to indicate whether the bill has been paid or not. Each pay period features a "Notes" section, with your choice of formats: typing or writing in a "dink" field (as illustrated in screenshots). The Summary page keeps track of what's been paid, what's cleared the bank, and what you're paying late. Our trial version is a 30 day full functioning demo, NOT crippleware! When you purchase the full version it installs over the demo with no loss of data, so you will never need to re-enter your information. Free lifetime upgrades included in the $7.50 purchase price.



Size: 33 KBytes

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