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Wyncs Web Sync Utility




Eros Technology Corp


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NEW UTILITY WILL MAKE WEB SITES PDA FRIENDLY... The best of recent news to the 15 million+ PDA users. Click-and-Sync directly from Web Site to Microsoft Outlook or Palm OS. Eros Technology, Athens, OH has developed a new Web utility that will be beneficial to Palm and Handheld (PDA) users. With the increasing use of PDA devices and now the demand of PDA equipped cell phones, this is a dream come true kind of software for web site owners and developers who want to impress the millions of PDA and cell phone users. Additionally, handheld users can request this feature on their favorite sites. Wyncs (pronounced winks) Web Sync Utility creates 'syncable links' allowing web surfers to quickly grab information from web sites and have it for offline viewing. Wyncs works in two parts; 1) a Code Generator produces the syncable links, 2) the Wyncs for Windows 'client' software (free, 280k non-memory resident) transfers the data. It can transfer content to the (4) standard 'data' types used by MS Outlook and Palm OS including Contact, Calendar, Memo, and To Do. Anything from News Articles, Weather, Business Contact Information, and Scheduled Events, can now be read or referenced at the visitor's convenience. Additionally, Intranet or Extranet applications can use Wyncs to sync daily tasks, reports, product info or technical help directly to their staff members. Outside sales teams will find the Wyncs tool to be highly efficient in conjunction with mobile devices. With the one click of Wyncs, both sales reps and prospects have necessary information exactly where they need it, right at their fingertips. To protect the web site owners content delivery system, Wyncs 'server-side' Professional version lets web site owners locally host their own sync-links. For more information about Wyncs Web Sync Utility, contact the following: Jeff Weaver National Marketing Director Wyncs -Web Sync 888-754-0110 x12 sales@wyncs.com www.wyncs.com

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