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Simplicity Professional






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Simplicity Professional

Simplicity Professional

The Simplicity for Java family of products, created by Data Representations, are rapid application development tools designed to allow programmers of all levels to harness the power of Java.

Java is quickly becoming the premier programming language in the business world. As its popularity grows, so does the number of its uses. Simplicity Professional is letting programmers take advantage of some of these technological advances.

The latest version includes:
  • Fast GUI building
  • Code Sourcerer
  • Execution-on-the-Fly
  • Database Integration
  • Servlet Development
  • Cross-Platform Testing

Ease of Use
Most notable about Simplicity for Java is the ease of use it provides for both novice and advanced programmers. Simplicity presents the developer with a WYSIWYG interface for building applications, applets, and Servlets. Creating the graphical user interface is as easy as clicking and dragging. Simplicity writes all the code for you.

Code Sourcerer™
Creating the code necessary to make the new application work is made simple by the Code Sourcerer. It interviews the user, in plain English, gathering the information needed to generate the correct code. Programmers need only choose the features they wish to incorporate into their program, and the software automatically generates the code. What makes Simplicity's Code Sourcerer different from the coding devices of other programs is its expansive list of options, requiring very little manual coding for the user. Thus, the Visual Composer and Code Sourcerer make short work of creating complex applications. Beginning programmers become powerful programmers, and advanced users become more productive.

Another feature that increases productivity is Execution-on-the-fly, allowing programmers to see the effects of their code before compiling. As code is generated in one window, the application changes correspondingly in an adjacent window. Users have found this to be one of the most useful tools in Simplicity for Java, as it speeds both development and the debugging process.

Database Integration
In today's business world, users need to interact with data-intensive and network-based applications. Programmers need to create applications that access this data, display it effectively, and manipulate it to fulfill their needs. Simplicity Professional allows developers to populate a user interface with data from any JDBC or ODBC data source without writing any Java or SQL code themselves. SQL queries are built using the Code Sourcerer, and the JDBC code is completely written by Simplicity.

Servlet Development
Servlets are Java programs that run on network servers, processing requests from clients on the local network or on the World Wide Web. Simplicity Professional users can create Servlets efficiently, using the power of the Servlet Composer combined with the Code Sourcerer. Execution-on-the-fly allows speedy development of the Servlets. Also, a special URL viewer shows the developer information about each Servlet as it is received. Because the Servlet Composer contains a full-featured web server, Servlets may be tested using any web browser on any platform.

Cross-Platform Testing
As alternative operating systems become more common in the workplace, the 'Write Once, Run Anywhere'™ mantra of Java technology takes on great importance. Simplicity Professional lets developers build and test cross-platform software with 'One-click' ease. Once an application is created, it can be broadcast to any other computer over a tcp/ip network. The testing workstation only requires a JDK and our remote testing client, that is only 28 kilobytes large.

System Requirements and Product Availability
Simplicity Professional fully realizes the multi-platform capabilities intrinsic to Java. Most importantly, Simplicity will run on any Java-enabled platform, including Linux, OS/2 Warp, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MacOS, Solaris, and Unix platforms. The system must be running JDK 1.1 or higher, and it is recommended that the computer have a minimum of 32MB RAM.

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