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Crime of the Millennia




Daemon Toles



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According to medieval folklore, a spring existed in the Garden of Eden and it was called the Water of Life; whose supposed powers restored youth to old people who bathed or drank its waters. Throughout the Ages, many had searched for this Fountain of Youth. King Ferdinand of Spain gave Ponce De Leon permission to find and colonize an island called Bimini. The King had been advised that Indians described the Fountain and that it was on an island called Bimini, which supposedly lay in the Far East; Spain thought America was the Far East! Crime of the Millennia is the story that uncovers the discovery of the Fountain of Youth and its grisly location. The story chronicles scientific exploration and exposes the instinct of self-preservation that resides deep within the self and all of humanity. Immortality is not within our reach now, nor in the foreseeable future, yet all of humanity shares an equally devouring fear of death, simultaneously facing it, fearing it, struggling against it or embracing it. Boomers, now approaching their latter years have fueled a unique industry that caters to their desire to look and feel young by exercising, ingesting, supplementing and surgically modifying their appearance to keep a youthful look. They are willing to pay whatever it costs for this superficial youth; a testimony to this desire. The characters represent a broad spectrum of the same Boomer society and follow a path of life of their creation. Their destinies steered by fate or chance and their convictions and belief's, tested each step of the way. Survivors they are, criminals all, yet the true beneficiaries of this tale is the reader, for its issues and its ills are intrinsic to all. The travails and truths are laid bare raising questions in us all, but in the end its entertainment will keep you spellbound and its answers will inform you about the true nature of: The Crime of the Millennia The functional SAMPLE consists of Chapters (1-8) one through eight and include an index and ORDER FORM for the complete EBook, at a nominal cost. This ebook is formatted specifically for the Peanut Reader application; this formatting lets you jump to any chapter using the Contents link, create annotations, create bookmarks and navigate with ease. Palm Reader which is available for download at: http://www.peanutpress.com/reader_download.cgi/


Crime of the Millennia

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