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Citymaps by TomTom







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$ 14.99

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The most convenient citymap and route planning application!
TomTom Citymaps can plan perfect routes within a city. You will be guided to your destination via any road, street or alley in an instant! And connected up to a GPS receiver, you will see exactly where you are and where to go next! This is especially reassuring as well as time effective when in a large or unknown town.

Perfect city maps...

  • View any road, street or alley
  • See which roads are one-way, and in which direction
  • Find any street or crossroad in seconds, or any intersection between two streets - even if you don't know exactly how to spell the names
  • Zoom to an astonishing level of detail, with street names displayed on the map
  • Instantly switch between all the maps that are installed on your device
  • Connect a GPS: includes map-matching and real-time monitoring of your progress on the route

    ... and perfect route planning
  • Calculates the quickest way to get there, or the shortest route to take, or the fastest way to get there on foot
  • Uses up-to-date information about one-way roads, private roads, U-turn restrictions and other traffic rules
  • Provides perfect driving and walking instructions and turn by turn directions, both graphically and in easily readable form
  • Keep track of your "favourite" and most often used locations

    Key Features
    * All major towns and cities in Europe
    * Advanced route planning with GPS support
    * Detailed text instructions on how to get to your destination
    * Map data is highly compressed
    * Colour maps for those devices with colour support
    * Language Variants: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian

    Available cities include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt am Main, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Antwerp, Birmingham, Cologne, Copenhagen, Geneva, Hamburg, Luxemburg, Lyon, Marseille, Milan, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Strasbourg and Zurich.

    The try before you buy demonstration version of TomTom Citymaps Perpignan is a fully functional beamable copy of the commercial english version. Check out one of the other free cities: Perpignan (France), Koblenz (Germany), Pisa (Italy) and Tarragona (Spain) available from our website.

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    Citymaps Perpignan by TomTom

    Size: 416 KBytes

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