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HandheldNews.com : Software : Database : HanDBase 2.10d

Application Name:

HanDBase 2.10d




DDH Software, Inc.



List Price:


Trial Version Duration:

30 Days


Create, View, and modify custom databases on your PalmPilot!

Very powerful engine allows for multiple relational databases to be linked in several ways. Many field types including:

  • Text Fields - multi-line text input fields with popups for your most common values
  • Integer Numbers - Numeral values with popups for your most common values.
  • Floating Point Numbers - has popups also.
  • Dates - pops up calendar for choosing date.  Can be set to automatically record date record was added, or modified.
  • Times - pops up time picker.  Can be set to automatically record time record was added, or modified.
  • Popup Lists - Forces a value to one of the popup choices.
  • CheckBox fields
  • Note fields - Allows for memo-type notes (up to 2K) and a popup to insert common phrases, words, etc.
  • Image fields - Capture an image, or some handwritten signatures.
  • Calculated fields - Allow you to add, subtract, multiply, divide, average, etc,  fields or constant numbers.  Output results as Dates, Times, Floating point, or Integer values.  New- Keep running totals, averages, and more!
  • Unique field - automatically filled with a value unique to that record.
  • Heading field - organize sections of your database with a bold centered heading.
  • Linked fields - Link two databases together relationally so that one record of one database acts as a key to other databases. Jump from one database to the related items in another database!
  • DB Popup - Similar to a pop-up field, except the popup choices come from a field of another database .You can group several DB Popups together and have them all filled out at once.

Powerful Viewing Tool:

  • Filtering - Limit your field of view by using the advanced filtering capabilities of HanDBase.  Specify match strings for Text and Note fields.  Specify Date ranges, time ranges, number ranges, and more!   Primary and Secondary Filter fields with boolean logic!
  • Sorting -   Sort nearly any field in ascending or descending order just by pressing the field name.  For more advanced filtering specify primary, secondary, and tertiary fields to sort by!
  • Reporting -  Run reports on various fields, getting the min, max, average, sum, and more!  
  • Exporting - Export one or all records within the filter ranges to the Memo Pad in Text form.
  • Search - Search one or all fields in a database for a word or expression. Global find button also supported.
  • Categories- Categorize your databases for more organized filing.

Powerful Desktop Tool:

  • HanDBase Desktop is a Win95/Win98/WinNT program that gives you the ability to View/Print Databases, Convert from HanDBase databases to Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) files and vice-versa all using your PC!  You can import the Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) files to your favorite spreadsheet or database program.  Best of all, the Desktop program is included with the HanDBase PalmPilot Application.  There are also versions available for Macintosh, Dos, Unix, Linux, and more.  HanDBase is also widely supported as a database program, with third party tools available for developing databases within MS Access, printing reports, and more.  For more information, see the Desktop Versions section of the web page at: http://www.ddhsoftware.com/hbdesk.html
Get Free Full-Featured Applets at the HanDBase Applet Gallery:    The HanDBase Applet Gallery is located at: http://www.handbase.com/gallery  and contains many pre-made applets and databases available for download at no additional cost.  Applets include Gas Mileage Tracking, Cigars, Wine Tasting, CheckBook and financial Applet, Courier/Delivery Tracker, Patient tracking software, Real Estate, Shopping List applets, and more!! Users can now add their own applets in real-time to the Gallery.

HanDBase is PalmPilot Personal, Professional, Palm III, IIIx, V, and VII compatible.  It has also been successfully tested with the IBM Workpad, Workpad C3, and Symbol SPT 1500.



Size: 1507 KBytes

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