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4T Medical




Kevin Mckee



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4T Medical is a well-designed database application for tracking personal medical information. Each entry lets you enter a person's name; assign it a category (personal, family, etc.) and vital information; including date of birth, known diseases, operations, family history, family doctor, and much more. User-customizable categories allow you to maintain multiple databases (i.e. one for personal records and one for work-related records). Pull-down menus are utilized throughout to make data entry quick and simple. If you've ever had to find your medical information fast, you'll certainly see the value of this easy-to-use application. Now you can keep all this information in the palm of your hand (no pun intended). Standard Features: Import and Export to and from the MemoPad. Dropdown lists, which allow the user to select from numerous combinations of descriptions that best suit the account information Cut, Copy, and Paste allows you to share your data between applications and speed up data entry! Alphabetically sorted accounts for easy access Flag 'private' records for added security with the built-in Palm security Navigation similar to Palm Address application Ability to categorize your accounts however you see necessary Hardware button scrolling on main screen User editable screen display; choose what you want to see. Create new records from a menu choice. System Info, displays number of records in database at any time. Delete records from menu shortcut. Get record details from menu shortcut Choose to show number of records in database OR 4T Medical title on main screen. Remember last category, program starts in same category that it was exited in. Confirm on delete, choose whether to have the confirmation alert popup or not. Sort from a menu choice. Sort Ascending or Descending. Easy-to-use sort Icon on main screen. Find feature, similar to the Address find.



Size: 37 KBytes

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  • 5/31/2002 - question: how to get 4T medical on desktop?
    I really like the 4 T Medical program on my palm M125, However, If I can not save this to my desktop or be able to load the information from my desktop, I am afraid I am going to have to find another program to use.... My job is even looking into getting the palms for all the feild nurses and wants this program but we will have to back it up on the main computer. Can anyone tell me how to get this to my desktop? It is on my palm and I want to keep using this program. Thanks... Tamala

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