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ThinkDB is a relational database manager that allows you to create and edit databases. New enhanced beaming! feature. Powerful, flexible and very easy to use, ThinkDB has several unique features, such as custom views with resizable columns and a form designer that lets you design your own record entry forms.

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Now available: ThinkDB User's Guide in Acrobat pdf format. download here.

The registered version includes ThinkDB Desktop for Windows that lets you view and change data on your PC; it will also convert CSV files and Access databases into ThinkDB databases.

With ThinkDB you can keep track of books, software, DVDs, CDs, customers, products, medical records, and much more! You no longer need to buy several different products and learn how to use each one of them. With ThinkDB you control your own database design, screens layout, filters, sort criteria, and more. ThinkDB support many features including:

  • Create your own databases, you can have up to 100 databases with up to 36 fields each on the PDA.
  • Several field types supported: Text, Integer, Long, Float, List, Expression, Date, Time, Checkbox, Memo, Key, External Join, and External lookup.
  • Form designer: another step beyond the previous Palm database programs, ThinkDB will allow you to design the record entry form. You will be able to create and resize tabs, and rearrange fields on the screen. Fields are automatically aligned and resized.
  • Smart Lists: define a list of commonly entered values to save time and memory. List items can be rearranged or sorted without loosing the reference from the records.
  • Categories: Each database can have its own set of categories. Unlike other Palm programs, you can create more than 16 categories for each database. In fact, the Categories follow the Smart Lists concept, so you can define up to 60 categories and rearrange or sort them.
  • Customizable List Views: The list views are fully customizable. You can create up to 5 views, with each list definition containing:
    - Up to 5 columns: each column can represent any field on the database
    - Resizable columns: drag the columns for resizing
    - Sort: define the sort criteria (up to 3 levels, ascending and descending)
    - Filter: define the filter criteria and the list is automatically filtered
    - Numeric fields right-aligned.
  • Multi-line fields: Text fields can have multiple lines on the entry screen. Fields will expand to multiple lines, if needed, when entering data.
  • Reports and Statistics: For certain fields in your database you can view statistics. You can even display bar charts based on your data (just like in ThinkingBytes SurveyMate) !
  • Relational design: One database can be joined to another to display information. For example, you can join a "Books" database to an "Author" database and to a "Publishers" database. (Note: the program does not support cascade updates or deletes.)
  • Expression field for simple calculation using record values or constants.
  • User-friendly screens will reduce your graffiti entry to a minimum. Date Selector, Time Selector, Expression Builder, Filter Designer, Form Designer, Field Editor, List Editor and more.
  • Data compression methods including blank field suppression will save device memory.
  • Powerful and fast search: During tests, a search for a numeric value in a database of 1,000 records completed in only 3 seconds and only 6 seconds to search for a value in a text field.*
  • Password protection for each database.
  • ThinkDB Desktop for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. This program is included and will allow you to view and change data directly on your PC. All editing is done in-place for most fields. ThinkDB Desktop will also convert CSV files into ThinkDB databases.
  • FREE upgrades for the first year after purchase!

    * test was performed using a Palm III, no filter and no extra display.

Note: The unregistered version has a limitation of 16 records and 4 databases.

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