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GoBar 24k Download Website Details
GoBar (formerly named StartBar) gives your Palm Computing Platform(R) device the look and feel of a desktop computer, providing you with a familiar interface. Your favorite applications can be displayed on the desktop for quick launching. The current time and battery level are displayed (with easy access to the current date and battery voltage), as well as a button to toggle back to the most recently launched application. Version 1.5 added features such as program folders, a Lock menu item, ...Click details for more information.

Launch 'Em 3 Website Details
Launch 'Em 3 is compatible with all Palm Computing Platform Devices including the PalmPilot, Palm III, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIe, Palm IIIxe, Palm V, Palm Vx, Palm IIIc, m100 series, m500 series, Handspring Visor, Handspring Visor Prism, Handspring Visor Edge, IBM Workpad handhelds, and the Palm VII and VIIx. Launch 'Em can show PQAs as well as any other type of database in addition to ...Click details for more information.

LauncherLight 102k Download Website Details
The LauncherLight application is a Launcher for Palm OS. The original method of control allows you to realize very easily any of the following functions: delete, beam, category change for an application, categories editing, applications and categories sorting, device and application system information output - just by light touching....Click details for more information.

LaunchPad Website Details
An applications launcher for Pilot that allows you to organize your apps using tab controls for instant access....Click details for more information.

MegaLauncher II (Wolf) 175k Download Website Details
MegaLauncher II is a logical continuation of version 1x. This Launcher is intended to simplify all operations connected with Palm OS. This system seems to be complicated only on the face of it. Some minutes after starting operating the system you will manage to gain an understanding of it. The intuitively understandable symbols allow you to use many functions effectively without a long thinking. ...Click details for more information.

PAL Website Details
Replacement for the built-in Applications screen with menu of categories and some util functions...Click details for more information.

Pilot Explorer Website Details
Explorer gives you a 'tree view' of your data. If you have used any modern Graphical User Interface (GUI's) you will probably have seen a 'tree' view like this. Basically objects are represented in a hierarchy, shown by indentation, ie. objects owned by another are shown underneath their 'parent' and indented (to the right)....Click details for more information.

SilverScreen 65k Download Website Details
SilverScreen is the first and only application launcher that is every bit as distinctive as your Palm device. Meticulously designed themes transform the graphical interface into a veritable feast for the eyes. Underneath the knock-out looks is a full-featured launcher that retains the elegant simplicity of the Palm OS while adding an array of powerful and intuitive tools. Get your ticket to award-winning SilverScreen and see for yourself why it is the #1 best-selling application launcher f...Click details for more information.

xConnect - Wireless Applicatio Website Details
xConnect is a wireless application manager used to support infrared communication between a Windows based personal computer and other infrared (IR) enabled appliances, such as; Palm™ and other handheld computers, Laptop computers, Printers, Mobile phones. ...Click details for more information.

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