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NWPortal.com 4k Download Website Details
Free real-time SMS text messaging and web email optimized for Palm(tm) VII/VIIx, WAP, iTV, and other devices. Membership services also include a free WAP page. Added support for email attachments. Print or FAX your wireless email attachments! NWPortal has partnered with PrinterOn Corporation so that you can print and FAX your email messages. Try it free... up to 10 messages faxed up to 10 pages each. ...Click details for more information.

NY Info Wireless 6k Download Website Details
Make the most of your time in NY City with fun and helpful information on your Palm™ wireless computer. Travel smart - cross street finder, popular attractions, Neighborhood highlights, even find the best restrooms. New content constantly being added. From the Rovenet Wireless Internet Portal....Click details for more information.

P-7 Fax 7k Download Website Details
Faxing from your Palm VII(tm) handheld is now as easy as looking up a phone number. With P7 Fax from Rovenet.com you can send wireless faxes anytime, anywhere. P7 Fax is freeware with a small charge for each fax you send. Now includes European faxing at no additional charge. File Size 6 KB (Ver 1.2) ...Click details for more information.

ServiceEXE Website Details
ServiceEXE is an easy-to-use program for building business forms and applications to be run on handheld devices (PDAs) and then deploy them to field professionals or employees. Our software is free. Once you decide to publish or manage the PDA forms you will have to subscribe to our monthly service ($24.95/mo). Currently supports the Palm VII but will support other Palm OS Devices and PocketPC devices after Dec. 25, 2000...Click details for more information.

SimpleWire 1.00 Website Details
A wireless communication conduit, SimpleWire is the only interface capable of messaging across all wireless networks. Hundreds of competing paging networks across the world have brought more than a fistful of solutions which have caused inconsistent messaging protocols. SimpleWire provides direct control of all wireless devices from pagers to mobile phones and beyond. SimpleWire unifies all wireless providers and enables them to work right from your Palm. All you need is a Palm with wireless connectivity an...Click details for more information.

Simplicity For Palm OS
SyncMonitor Website Details
SyncMonitor manages the serial communication port traffic on your computer's IR port through a feature called SnoopIR™. Simply activate the "IR to a PC/Handheld" option on the HotSync menu within your PalmTM software and place it near your computer's IR port. When synchronization is complete, just point another IR-enabled appliance at the computer's IR port without worrying about COM port conflicts. ...Click details for more information.

Trend Micro Virus Checker Website Details
If you own a Palm OS platform device with wireless access, just download our web clipping application and you'll be able to check, search and be updated on new viruses from anywhere in the US. Some of the cooler features include a searchable database of existing viruses with solutions to each, the top 10 most common viruses, and also the newest ones....Click details for more information.

VentureWire 7k Download Website Details
VentureWire is a free daily news service about private companies and venture capital. It's required reading for venture capitalists, high-tech CEOs, investment bankers, high-tech attorneys, accountants and many other important players in the new economy. VentureWire brings you breaking news about venture-backed companies, venture-capital funds, and the firms that do business with them. Every business day a team of reporters at Technologic Partners finds and reports the hard news that matters most to high-te...Click details for more information.

Wireless GolfNow 3k Download Website Details
Wireless GolfNow gives golfers instant wireless access to book tee times, research more than 17,000 golf courses, download scorecards and track handicaps, view leader boards and news, and download driving instructions and weather reports....Click details for more information.

World news
www.stylusmetrics.com Website Details
Stylus Metrics is a joint venture between Zebra Projects Inc and Social Sector Metrics Inc, both of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company was founded in 2002 to provide software consulting and development services concentrating on the development of PDA based collection of Metrics. We are currently actively involved in Medical Metrics and Oil & Gas SCADA Measurement software development projects for the PDA. We are also busy with the development of a number of generic products including PDA based dat...Click details for more information.

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