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Qvadis Express Reader Pro 1.10s







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Qvadis Express Reader Pro is a suite of two powerful, intuitive Doc e-text tools: a Palm Doc reader (Express Reader GT; 40 KB) and a PC viewer/converter (Express Reader DX; 4 MB), also available separately.

According to ZDNet, publishers of PC Magazine, Express Reader Pro is "One cool package...a fantastic all-in-one PC and Palm document reader...You can't do much better than Express Reader Pro".

The Palm component, Express Reader GT, shown in the lower half of the screenshot, has the following features:

  • Reads Palm Doc e-texts and documents
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Small memory footprint
  • Remembers your place in all documents opened
  • Document scrolling via tap or scroll buttons
  • Scrollable directory, displaying file size
  • Handy system clock
  • Ability to delete selected documents
  • Ability to group documents in categories
  • User-editable and definable categories
  • Infrared beaming of documents to other users
  • Ability to move to bookmarks
  • Choice of four fonts, for ease of viewing
  • Autoscroll (teleprompter) function, four speeds
  • Search and search-again functions with case, forward, backward, and full document modes
  • User-selectable quick-positioning at the top and bottom of the document, and at 10% increments
  • Percentage position indicator
  • Ability to use full screen by hiding controls
  • Allows copying of text to the Palm clipboard
  • Preset user preferences include default font, scroll speed, screen tap speed, and autoscroll (teleprompter) speed
  • Quick Help

The desktop component, Express Reader DX, shown in the upper half of the screenshot, has the following features:

  • Standard Windows and Explorer user interface
  • Reads Palm Doc e-texts and documents
  • Edits documents without need of third-party word processors
  • Reads and converts plain text and rich text format documents into Palm e-texts
  • Ability to prepare documents for installation (HotSyncing) to Palm device
  • View and select documents for deletion
  • Ability to display file properties
  • Simple right-click to convert, install, delete, or view properties of selected files, as above
  • Configurable file, information display windows
  • Display selectable as plaintext or rich text
  • Resizeable windows
  • Search function
  • Enables copying of selected text to clipboard
  • Comprehensive user Help system

In addition to Express Reader Pro, the Qvadis website offers a collection of unique e-books, the Web's most comprehensive links to Doc e-books, the e-Book-of-the-Month feature, news downloadable in HTML and Doc, a bookstore, and more...

Qvadis Express Reader. Your Documents. Pocket Ready.

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