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MathU Pro 2.2 170k Download Website Details
Programmable RPN scientific and financial calculator for Palm OS handheld computers. Supports color and B/W devices. Has a natural calculator interface that makes it easy to use. If you have used a programmable RPN calculator before, you will be able to use MathU Pro right away. Has 1044 memory registers, 115 functions including Time value of Money (TVM) and statistical functions, keystroke-like programming language. Double precision accuracy. Create programs in an easy to learn keystrok...Click details for more information.

One Plus One 2.1 82k Download Website Details
Professional algebraic scientific and financial calculator for the Palm and Visor handheld computers. Color and B/W. Has a natural calculator interface that makes it easy to use. Has 80 functions including 6 Time value of Money (TVM) financial functions and 9 statistical functions. All calculations are done using double precision accuracy (about 16 digits of accuracy). Includes extensive documentation (downloadable from the creative creek web site). Supports a free 15 day trial. ...Click details for more information.

PawCalc 241k Download Website Details
PawCalc is a scientific programmable calculator for the PalmOS 2.0 and later. Its main features are: <ul> <li>Expression-based notation</li> <li>Programmable</li> <li>Complex numbers</li> <li>Customizable</li> <li>Mathematical, physical, and chemical constants</li> <li>Conversion between around a hundred different units</li> <li>Functions for trigonometry (with inverse and hyperbolic), logarithms, and exponentiation</li> <li>Special functions like gamma, erf, e...Click details for more information.

PopUp Calculator 37k Download Website Details
If you ever tried to do a simple calculation while working with some other application, then you know how it can be boring - start calculator, do a calculation, tap on the "Applications" button, start again your application and go to the point where you stopped. <br><br> <b>With PopUp Calculator, doing a calculation "on the fly" is like a breeze.</b> ...Click details for more information.

powerOne Graph 564k Download Website Details
<p></font><font size="3"><strong>powerOne Graph is the most powerful graphing calculator for the Palm platform. With over 230 built-in functions, parametric and function graphing, 12 computation worksheets, algebraic entry, and the capability of saving unlimited user-defined functions and variables, powerOne Graph offers the power and versatility required by professionals and students in science and technology.</strong></p> <p><strong>powerOne Graph is excellent for professionals and students working...Click details for more information.

powerOne Scientific 552k Download Website Details
<font SIZE="2"><p></font><font size="3"><strong>powerOne Scientific is a full-featured scientific calculator with algebraic entry, statistics, conversion, and date/time worksheets. With over 200 built in functions, 12 computation worksheets, and the ability to save unlimited user defined functions and constants, powerOne Scientific offers a powerful, easy to use, and economically priced calculator for professionals and students.</strong></p> <p><strong>powerOne Scientific is an ...Click details for more information.

RootM 1.0 95k Download Website Details
Advanced RPN scientific calculator that natively supports imaginary numbers. This means that sqrt(-1) or asin(2) are valid computations, producing complex results. Complex numbers can be entered in real/imag format or mag/phase format in a straightforward way. Extensive documentation. 15 day trial. RootM has a 16 high stack and 20 memory registers -- all of which can store complex results.<br><br> RootM is an advanced scientific and financial calculator too. RootM has functions to compute...Click details for more information.

STime 4.2 Website Details
STime is an application to store a record of your daily work hours. By entering pay period ending dates, you can view the records by pay ending date to give you the total number of hours worked. You can also enter your hourly rate and it will calculate the gross pay for the pay period. This version calculates the gross pay for each timecard entry. So if you work shift work or not this will work for. You enter your rate of pay on each timecard. When viewing for a pay period your total hours and gross...Click details for more information.

Universal Converter + Periodic Website Details
Universal Converter is a conversion calculator that can quickly and easy translate different units of measure. It consists of 41 Categories with 801 Units and 43090 Conversions. Accelaration Angle Area Astronomy Brix & Baume Degrees Clothing (Men) based on U.S, Europe, U.K and Japan Shirt Size Sizes of Suits, Coats and Sweaters Shoe Size Hat Size Underwear Size Clothing (Women) based on U.S, Europe, U.K and Japan Dresses - Junior Size ...Click details for more information.

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