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2xCalc 19k Download Website Details
2xCalc is a currency calculator with two calculation modes (standard and RPN). Select two currencies from the pull-down menus, enter your calculation, and the program quickly calculates any conversions. Sharing information with other applications is easy because it uses the clipboard to copy and paste data. A currency swap feature changes the active currency and allows you to compare prices rapidly. You can specify which currencies (and conversion factors) to display. You can also easily update your currenc...Click details for more information.

Addition4Palm 1.2 Website Details
New version 1.2 - Macintosh X synchronization - revised intelligent completion of formulas - selection extending, using the . mode. - and a few more... Easy - A clean interface similar to Excel - Intelligent auto-complete cell editing Compatible - You can synchronize with Windows, Macintosh or Java/Linux. - Special integrated Excel plug-in on Windows makes synchronization easy and effective. You choose what to sync directly, on Excel - Wk1 file format is compatible w...Click details for more information.

All in One Converter for Pocke Website Details
All-in-One Converter is a conversion calculator that can quickly and easy translate different units of measure. It consists of 24 Categories with 378 Units and 11704 Conversions. Accelaration - 23 Units, 506 Conversions Angle - 14 Units, 182 Conversions Area - 11 Units, 110 Conversions Astronomy - 6 Units, 30 Conversions Density - 18 Units, 306 Conversions Energy - 86 Units, 7310 Conversions Fluid - 8 Units, 56 Conversions Force - 7 Uni...Click details for more information.

APCalc Website Details
<font face="ARIAL" size="2"><b>Advanced Programmable Calc. - <font color="blue">Color or B/W</font></b>, Subroutines, Variables, conditional branching (labels), looping, comparison (==, !=, &lt;, &gt;), scientific, financial (N, I, PV, FV, PMT), base conversion (2-36), , 64 bit floating point, degree/radian modes, programmability, store and recall functions, input prompting, output labels, internal program database, and more. Expressions, like: sin(x1)+cos(x1+y1)+cos(ang2), can be saved and executed a...Click details for more information.

BCalcPalm, v1.02 216k Download Website Details
Need to count your money? In various currencies? BCalcPalm enables you to easily perform advanced currency calculations. 30-days evaluation copy has no functional restrictions. You can work with OVER 160 currencies. Ñurrency rates are updated every 30 minutes. And yet it's not the full list of unique capabilities. Check out for some more below. -- All functions of a conventional calculator, including usage of memory; -- Keeping calculation history, up to ten histories; -- Copying and pasting v...Click details for more information.

Business Calculator for Palm 398k Download Website Details
Need to count your money? In various currencies? <br><br> BCalcPalm enables you to perform advanced currency calculations easily. Currency rates are updated every HOUR. Simple direct updates from your Palm. You can work with over 160 currencies. And yet it's not the full list of unique capabilities. Check out for some more below. <br><br> <LI>All functions of a conventional calculator, including usage of memory; <LI>Keeping calculation history, up to ten histories; <LI>Copying and pasting values; ...Click details for more information.

Calc! 195k Download Website Details
<p>Replace the built-in calculator with the user-friendly algebraic calculator. This calculator designed to use the real power of your handheld computer and makes everyday calculations much more convenient.</p> <p>Using Calc! is as easy as using your favorite Texas Instruments&reg; or Casio&trade; calculator. With Calc! you can enter the whole expression, including brackets, functions and operators (for example, (9-7)*8 + 34.23). You can always return to expression you calculated before, change...Click details for more information.

Calc! Plus 348k Download Website Details
<p><b>Powerful algebraic calculator and unit conversions utility - effective and user-friendly.</b></p> <p>This calculator is designed for mobile professionals to make all type of basic and advanced calculations. One of its main characteristics is the availability of four independent design layouts for different types of calculations: standard, unit conversions, base conversion and statistics. This allows you to personalize Calc! depending on the type of required calculations.</p> <p>Using C...Click details for more information.

CALCULATOR Website Details
9.95 CALCULATOR is a well-rounded, easy-to-master, all-purpose calculator for your Palm Powered® handheld. It implements all common scientific functions: Basic math functions / Trigonometric functions / Hyperbolic functions / Inverse functions / and more... It features two memory locations and four display modes: normal, scientific, engineer, or fix mode. 9.95 CALCULATOR is THE replacement for your handheld built-in calculator: Elegant, simple-to-use interface / Keys are large enough for your finger (forge...Click details for more information.

CFB Primes 5k Download Website Details
CFB Primes is an optimised PalmOS program which can find the prime factors and closest primes of any integer number up to one billion (US) in a few seconds or less. The standard edit menu allows you to make use of the results in other applications. CFB Primes is available free of charge....Click details for more information.

Convert-It Website Details
Convert-It is a conversion tool for units of measure. Convert-It features 18 measurement categories and more than 170 conversion factors; double precision floating point math calculations; numeric or scientific notation input and display; cut, copy, paste, and undo editing functions; and localized (international) numeric input and display. This updated version features a list of recently used conversions allows quick and easy selection of most often used conversions, units of measure retained, when switchin...Click details for more information.

Convert-It 1.5 Website Details
Convert-It is a conversion tool for units of measure. Convert-It features 18 measurement categories and more than 400 conversion factors including double-precision floating-point math calculations; numeric or scientific notation input and display; cut, copy, paste, and undo editing functions; volume conversions; and localized (international) numeric input and display. ...Click details for more information.

CplxCal 3.0 Website Details
CplxCal is a calculator developed to evaluate complex numbers. You can input formulas from left to right, just as they are written on paper. Calculate formulas that include mixed arithmetic operators, parentheses, log, exp, functions, and even complex numbers. This updated version adds lots of new features, including the ability to use variables and create your own programs. ...Click details for more information.

Credit Card Calculator for Pal Website Details
Credit Card Calculator will show you how much interest you will end up paying if you make only the minimum required payment on your credit card bill that is, assuming you stop charging any more to it. And remember, it's not just the interest you're losing, you're also losing the interest you could be earning on that interest if you were investing it rather than paying it to the credit card companies. This calculator will also tell you how many minimum payments you will make before your balance is paid off. ...Click details for more information.

Currency Calculator 58k Download Website Details
Currency Calculator is a combination of unit converter and standard calculator with 12 digits precision, very easy to use. Up to 15 conversion categories can be defined with 200 items in each. Any category can also serve as a group of constants. <b>Currency Calculator 4.0 supports Euro and is compatible with all the conversion rules!</b> ...Click details for more information.

Currency calculator 494k Download Details
...Click details for more information.

CustomCalc Website Details
CustomCalc is a powerful totally customizable calculator. It lets you place the function buttons that you use most right where you prefer them to be, so you can execute them in just on tab, or click. <br> Input mode may be RPN, or Algebraic. It has all the Math and Trigonometric functions, an advanced set of Financial functions with powerful worksheets, Statistical functions for the analysis of data series for up to two variables, and performs Linear Regression, Date and time calculations, and much more. ...Click details for more information.

EuroCalc 10k Download Website Details
EuroCalc converts several european currencies into EURO and vice versa. Furthermore these european currencies can be converted into each other and into US-Dollar and Yen and you have three user definable currencies....Click details for more information.

Financial Calculator Suite for Website Details
Financial Calculator Suite contains 7 Financial Calculators that frequently use.Let the calculators perform all of the complex calculations for you. Features: Minimum Payment Credit-Card Interest Calculator Savings Goals Calculator Deposit Savings Calculator Debt Investment Calculator Loan Calculator Mortgage Calculator Wage Conversion Calculator Descriptions Minimum Payment Credit-Card Interest Calculator This calculator will show you how much interest you will ...Click details for more information.

Financial Consultant - DEMO 205k Download Website Details
Designed specifically for real estate, retailing and business professionals who need to use their Palm to make fundamental financial decisions quickly and accurately. Solve using Algebraic, RPN and Forms based environments. Choose between 4 input logic options that mimic HP19BII, HP12C and TI BA. Time and Money Calculations, Amortization, Statistics, Date functions, etc. Published by LandWare. ...Click details for more information.

Formulas Website Details
Formulas comprises a metric converter, tip calculator, calendar, area code directory, currency exchange calculator, and loan calculator. It can also convert computer formulas including ASCII, binary, and octal. ...Click details for more information.

Handwise Valuta Website Details
Handwise Valuta - Connected Currency Converter for Mobile Professionals. Handwise Valuta is easy-to-use yet versatile currency converter for Palm Computing platform organizers. It is an essential tool for international travellers, business people working on global market and all 300+ million people living in Europe trying to figure out the Euro. Exchange rates are updated from Valuta server in the Internet. In the office by desktop conduit utilizing PC's Internet connection. On the road ...Click details for more information.

iTools from iRenovate.com 45k Download Website Details
iTools from iRenovate.com are a suite of Palm-based home improvement calculators. Including a Paint Estimator, Cost of Carpeting Estimator, Wallpaper Calculator, Tile Estimator, Water Softener Estimator, Fencing Estimator, Furnace Comparison Tool, Board Feet Estimator, Wallboard Estimator, Concrete Estimator, and Insullation Estimator, this application will make almost any home improvement project easier, more satisfying and more cost effective....Click details for more information.

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