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STAT Cardiac Clearance for Pal 87k Download Website Details
"What are the established criteria for surgical 'clearance'?" Two step-by-step, side-by-side algorithms guide you through the most recognized guidelines for perioperative cardiovascular evaluation: American College of Cardiology / American Heart Association (2002 Update) and American College of Physicians (1997)<br> ...Click details for more information.

STAT Cholesterol for Palm OS 92k Download Website Details
"How am I supposed to remember these complex new protocols?"<br> This interactive application guides clinicians through the new ATP III cholesterol guidelines released in May 2001. It includes calculation of Framingham MI risk, total heart disease risk, and target LDL levels based on individual risk factors. <br> ...Click details for more information.

STAT CPT Coder for Palm OS 474k Download Website Details
"What are the CPT coding choices and RVU's values?" Finally, a comprehensive CPT™ surgical, radiological, and anesthesia coding reference that makes procedure coding fast and accurate from your shirt pocket. Includes CPT™ Medium Length Descriptions and Relative Value Units (RVU's). Uses the TealInfo™ database program. Updated with CPT™ 2003 codes. CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association <br>...Click details for more information.

STAT E&M Coder for Palm OS 56k Download Website Details
STAT E&M Coder works like an interactive E&M checklist. There are four screens: History; Exam A; Exam B; MDM (Medical Decisionmaking). Each button represents a documentation element. As you are dictating your note, click off the items that you are documenting. There are 17 different visit types to choose from (office visits, consults, inpatient, etc.) and 11 types of exams to choose from: the general multisystem exam and ten organ-specific exams.<br>...Click details for more information.

STAT Growth Charts for Palm OS 140k Download Website Details
"Your child's weight is 72nd percentile, height 57th percentile, and Body Mass Index is 57th percentile." Calculate accurate growth percentiles and Z scores using the newly revised CDC Growth Charts including the new Body Mass Index-for-age charts. Now includes growth velocity, midparental height, and Small for Gestational Age determination.<br>...Click details for more information.

STAT ICD-9 Coder for Palm OS 532k Download Website Details
"What is the V code for family history of GI malignancy?" Introducing the most compact version of the complete set of ICD-9 diagnosis codes ever developed. All 15,000 codes allow you to use the highest level of specificity and code it quickly and accurately every time. Why use software that does not contain most diagnosis codes? Uses the TealInfo database program. Updated with the HCFA ICD-9-CM revisions for 2002. Includes a new text search module! <br> ...Click details for more information.

STAT NCD Lab Coverage 162k Download Website Details
"What diagnosis code does Medicare need to cover this lab test?" Ever wonder exactly what diagnosis codes are covered for a particular lab test? STAT NCD lists the specific ICD-9 codes listed in the new Medicare National Coverage Determinations (NCD's). Use this new software to find covered diagnoses for 23 common lab tests in an easy-to-use format similar to STAT ICD-9 Coder. Recovering even a single non-covered test will completely pay for this tool. Stop paying for your patient's lab tests!<br> ...Click details for more information.

Stylus Metrics Website Details
Stylus Metrics is a joint venture between Zebra Projects Inc and Social Sector Metrics Inc, both of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company was founded in 2002 to provide software consulting and development services concentrating on the development of PDA based collection of Metrics. We are currently actively involved in Medical Metrics and Oil & Gas SCADA Measurement software development projects for the PDA. We are also busy with the development of a number of generic products including PDA based dat...Click details for more information.

Surgical knots, sutures and st 93k Download Website Details
Complete Surgical knots, sutures and stiches notes compiled from different sources (343k). Be informed; notes on wound healing, wound sutures, wound complications, surgical knots plus a complete sutures and needle guide with pix(full version only) in ISilo format. Download the trial, it contain the full SUTURES AND KNOTS section (and the index of the other section, but not the text). The registered doc is the complete text. A must have for medical student/resident ...Click details for more information.

TestTrakker 357k Download Website Details
TestTrakker for the Palm OS platform, gives healthcare providers a simple, rapid, and intuitive risk management tool to assist them in tracking the countless numbers of laboratory and imaging tests that they order for their patients on a daily basis. Users can quickly and easily enter the relevant test data into TestTrakker as they order their tests at the point of care. Once in the TestTrakker database, its powerful and intuitive search engine lets providers monitor the status of all their patients...Click details for more information.

The Smoking Timer Website Details
The Stop Smoking Timer helps you to stop smoking. The concept is to reduce nicotine dependence by slowly increasing the time between each cigarette. This is the same principle used by Nicorette and other nicotine reduction programs. The Smoking Timer has two variables: the last smoke time and the increment. The last smoke time is set when a person has a cigarette and pushes the Had Smoke Button. The increment is the number of minutes or hours between cigarettes. Each day the smoker increases the inc...Click details for more information.

topsE&M Coder 1944k Download Website Details
<p>Code confidently! If you routinely "down code" E&M levels due to fear of an audit, you may be losing up to $50,000 annually. e-MDs puts all the advantages of its current evaluation and management (E&M) coding solution, including compatibility and compliance, into the palm of your hand. The PDA version of the tops E&M Coder reflects all the advantages of its Windows predecessor, in a handheld form. With minimal data entry (just 9 taps!), topsE&M Coder rapidly calculates the correct E&M code for each patie...Click details for more information.

UTS Blood Pressure 1137k Download Website Details
Tracks blood pressure and pulse. Unique reading entry interface without typing. Conduit for export to Excel and CSV. Charts. Histograms. E-mail reports. <br><br> <b>High blood pressure is dangerous</b> because it makes the heart work too hard and contributes to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). <img src="http://www.utracksys.com/img/bp_screen_a.gif" border=0 align=left> It increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, the first- and third-leading causes of death among Americans. H...Click details for more information.

UTS Weight 1071k Download Website Details
UTS Weight is the Palm OS software, that tracks body weight and BMI. Unique reading entry interface. Weight loss\gain plans. Conduit for export to Excel and CSV. Charts. Histograms. Reports. <br><br> When it comes to <b>weight loss</b> or to <b>weight gain</b>, there are no silver bullets. To lose or to gain the weight you must carefully <b>track and monitor your weight readings</b>. <img src="http://www.utracksys.com/img/wt_screen_a.gif" border=0 align=left> UTS Weigh...Click details for more information.

WardWatch Website Details
<font color="#000088"> <p>WardWatch has been designed specifically for the Palm Organizers to aid medical staff involved in ward rounds. It is intended to record investigations, medications and dosages, and consultations that are requested by the senior Consultant (Specialist) or Registrar during Ward round examinations and to record the results of these investigations for recall in later rounds. <b>WardWatch v3.0.1 was released February 2003.</b> <p>WardWatch consists of a application which r...Click details for more information.

WardWatch Demo 4k Download Website Details
WardWatch has been designed specifically for the 3Com Palm Organizers to aid medical staff involved in ward rounds. It is intended to record investigations, medications and dosages, and consultations that are requested by the senior Consultant (Specialist) or Registrar during Ward round examinations and to record the results of these investigations for recall in later rounds. WardWatch v1.2.5 was released ...Click details for more information.

Workout Tracker™ for Palm OS® Website Details
Workout Tracker makes it easy to record all the information from your workout right into your Palm OS device. You can record all of your information for each exercise, customize exercises to suit your needs, and more! Workout Tracker gives you a convenient list of all your exercises, organized by date. It includes a extensive list of exercises, all of which can be customized to fit your needs. Each exercise has numerous customizable fields, so you can record the information that you...Click details for more information.

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