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RINKS 2.3 Website Details
9.95 DRINKS is your ultimate guide to mixed drinks for Palm OS handhelds. Choose from hundred of drinks, 9.95 DRINKS will give you the required ingredients and show you how to prepare the drinks. Impress your friends and prepare them some great drinks! Whether you're throwing a party or going out, 9.95 DRINKS is your perfect drinks guide! Add your favorite mixes to the database Add new drinks based on a predefined database of ingredients Convenient and easy to use interface All funct...Click details for more information.

4T Medical 37k Download Website Details
4T Medical is a well-designed database application for tracking personal medical information. Each entry lets you enter a person's name; assign it a category (personal, family, etc.) and vital information; including date of birth, known diseases, operations, family history, family doctor, and much more. User-customizable categories allow you to maintain multiple databases (i.e. one for personal records and one for work-related records). Pull-down menus are utilized throughout to make data entry quick and si...Click details for more information.

ATP III Cholesterol Management 123k Download Website Details
Detect, evaluate, and treat high blood cholesterol in adults according to new guidelines issued in May 2001 by the National Cholesterol Education Program. The clinician should be thoroughly familiar with the ATP III Guidelines prior to using this reference tool in patient care. This program is made available as part of the educational mission of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (National Institutes of Health). It may be freely distrib...Click details for more information.

AW Dictionary of Sexology Term 112k Download Website Details
<p>Dictionary of Sexology Terms. 693 entries. Features include: Extremely fast dictionary browsing; expansion cards support; adjustable fonts; search within the offered definitions; and more. Easy to use, convenient RoadLingua dictionary shell.</p> <strong>Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Easy to use, convenient RoadLingua dictionary shell <li>Extremely fast dictionary browsing <li>Resident mode (Palm OS only): select a word in any text editor or viewer and read the definition <li>Expansion cards support ...Click details for more information.

COPD Guidelines Tool 105k Download Website Details
Access key guidelines on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) diagnosis, management, and prevention, as developed by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) in collaboration with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Includes information on how to: · Assess and monitor COPD in various settings · Reduce the risk of developing COPD and slow its progression · Manage stable COPD and acute COPD exacerbation Get free publications upon which the program i...Click details for more information.

First Aid Spanish Dictionary P Website Details
The product provides essential English to Spanish medical vocabulary that field healthcare workers need to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Two alternative forms of the dictionary are provided - as a simple, classic reference dictionary, or as an alphabetically sorted topic dictionary for easier access in particular field situations and scenarios. Also, BDicty Dictionary Reader Pro is included to the bundle. Some 820 unique terms are organized in 25 topics as follows: Pronunciation Gu...Click details for more information.

GRACE ACS Risk 67k Download Website Details
Predictors of In-Hospital Mortality (Acute Coronary Syndrome) in the Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events (GRACE) This beta test program predicts the likelihood of in-hospital death based on a soon-to-be-published GRACE risk model. It incorporates the following variables: age; CHF; heart rate; systolic BP; serum creatinine; cardiac arrest at admission; ST-segment deviation; elevated cardiac enzymes.<br>...Click details for more information.

Health Empowerment Tools 1.0 Website Details
Health Empowerment Tools 1.0 will… <li> Store all of your vital health information in one place <li> Provide access to that information no matter where you are <li> Enable you to take a holistic approach to your health with 24 separate health tools <li> Help you take ...Click details for more information.

HealthEngage Website Details
FireLogic, Inc. is celebrating the release of its HealthEngage Software for PalmOS and Wireless PalmOS. The Software allows asthma sufferers to collect, store and chart vital health information. It can be used on all handhelds, Mac’s, PC’s and web-enabled cellular phones. The software is 100% Java. As FireLogic President Michael Slage explains, "There are over 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic diseases, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, etc. who must regularly use medical devi...Click details for more information.

Infectious dz 8k Download Details
In order to use this software, you must download the FREE database called "List" by Andrew Low - click List above, next to Minimum Requirements (also available from http://www.magma.ca/~roo/list/list.html). Infectious dz v2.0 is a comprehensive list of infectious organisms, associated diseases, individual characteristics, clinical & laboratory findings, etc. I am in the process of creating several, inexpensive database files for students & physicians (such as a medical dictionary), so e-mail me your ideas. ...Click details for more information.

Intensive care 1.2 58k Download Website Details
Requires HanDBase (not included); The trial version is fully functional; Free to try, $5 if you decide to keep it. Please register (no unlock code required). It is possible to calculate the Glasgow coma scale and the Apache II score. Apache II Score Calculation helps determine the severity of the illness for intensive care patients. Glasgow coma scale calculation gives a baseline neurological function estimation. After entering the patient's motor, verbal and eye scores, it calculates their GCS result. More...Click details for more information.

Investigate HealthCare Fraud 19k Download Website Details
Investigate HealthCare Fraud using this unique tracking system. Guaranteed! Used by federal and state investigators as part of their case and trial preparation. Easy to use and install on your handheld. Many other applications designed for use by investigators, including Case Management, Lead Management, Subpoena Tracking, Background Investigations, Computer Crime Investigator's Checklist, Field Interview, and many more. ...Click details for more information.

LaFemme 279k Download Website Details
<font size=4><b> The optimal menstrual cycle tracker is now back with some major improvements in its functionality and user interface.</b><br> <font size=4 color=blue><b> La Femme</b></font size=4 color=blue> <color=black>is an excellent aid for all modern mobile women who wish to keep track of their menstrual cycle and fertile days for the needs of contraception, family planning or just for body and spirit comfort and awareness. <br><font size=4 color=blue><b> La Femme</b></font size=4 color=blue><color=bl...Click details for more information.

LaFemme Palm+PC Website Details
<font size=4><b> The optimal menstrual cycle tracker is back now with a PC companion.</b> <br> Back up your records, multiple users, export to MS Excel, etc. are just few of the features <font size=4 color=blue><b>La Femme Palm+PC </font size=4 color=blue></b>offers you. <br> This medical calendar is an excellent aid for all modern mobile women who wish to keep track of their menstrual cycle and fertile days for the needs of contraception, family planning or just for body and spirit comfort and awareness...Click details for more information.

MD Cards Website Details
MD Cards is a unique Palm Pilot application that maintains and presents an alphabetical list of medical Information Cards that can be convieniently selected and displayed. Each Information Card contains useful information and/or calculates important values. MD Cards can be downloaded free of charge and comes packaged with all currently available cards. When new information ...Click details for more information.

MedCheck 344k Download Website Details
<font size="5" color="#333333"><br><font size="3"><b>Quality Patient Care is Priceless, MedCheck is Affordable!!!</b></font></font> <p></p> <font color="#333333" size="3" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">MedCheck</font></i></b> helps eliminate care giver error by forcing care givers to validate every medication dispensed to a patient. MedCheck forces the care giver to match the Patient's ...Click details for more information.

Obesity Guidelines Tool 103k Download Website Details
Treat overweight and obesity according to the Clinical Guidelines on Overweight and Obesity in Adults with this free interactive program for use on Palm operating system devices. The OEI Treatment Guidelines Tool for Palm OS Version 1.0 is a free interactive program for use on Palm operating system devices. This simple, easy-to-use program not only puts the National Institute of Health’s Obesity Education Initiative Clinical Guidelines on Overweight and Obesity in Adults in the palm of your hands; it’s ...Click details for more information.

On-Time-Rx® 1.0 92k Download Website Details
On-Time-Rx® offers a complete healthcare package, featuring reminders for pills, refills, appointments, and other healthcare activities. Automatic snooze alarms reinforce the reminders, making it hard to forget. All alarm responses are recorded in an activity log, and a personal medical history - can be as simple or detailed as desired. On-Time-Rx® is very easy to set up and fun to use. ...Click details for more information.

Orthopedic Surgery Notes 144k Download Website Details
Complete Orthopedic surgery notes compiled from different sources 727k. Be informed, complete ortho notes with pix included (full version only) in ISilo format. Download the trial, it contain the paeds section (and the index of the other section, but not the text). The registered doc is the complete text. A must have for medical student/resident...Click details for more information.

Par - Wireless Materials Manag 175k Download Website Details
Automate your Supply Chain operations. Wireless enable your cart counts. Mobile enable your materials management staff. Numbers Only offers @Par - a suite of products that leverages your existing enterprise systems (PeopleSoft, HBOC McKesson, Meditech, SAP, BaaN, Lawson, Legacy Systems, Internet Applications) to emnpower your with easy to use handheld applications. @Par can port your applications onto handheld devices. Build using XML, SOAP, .Net @Par server ships with a user management, reporting, and stan...Click details for more information.

PDAbs 426k Download Website Details
PDAbs comes with a very easy-to-use interface that requires minimal typing for faster input and greater freedom of movement. PDAbs allows you to: Track your fitness routines: strength/resistance, aerobic/cardio, classes, runs etc. Input, archive, view and sort your progress - daily, weekly etc. Log your work out on the most common machines, in typical classes or with free weights Create new categories of exercises according to your needs and your personal goals Enter as many clients as you wi...Click details for more information.

Profile-MD 118k Download Website Details
Profile-MD - Your personal, portable medical history is for the industry leading Palm OS ® platform. This FREE physician-designed program enables virtually anyone to create their own interactive, portable medical history. Most entries are made by quickly selecting from extensive lists. This program formulates lists of drug names, drug doses, drug administration times, allergies, medical conditions, surgeries, preventative medicine tests, and vaccination dates. ...Click details for more information.

qID Website Details
Tired of thumbing through cumbersome reference guides to locate information on infectious disease therapy? ePocrates qID can help. qID is the first custom-built infectious disease application developed for the Palm and it is FREE for download at www.epocrates.com. Designed for speed and comprehensiveness, qID gives you access to hard-to-find antimicrobial treatment recommendations in a concise, clinically relevant format, taking up only 430KB of memory on your Palm device. The ePocrates Editorial B...Click details for more information.

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