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Time Journal 1.0 64k Download Details
Time Journal is an incredibly easy to use application that allows you to track time spent on projects and activities. It is ideally suited for those who must complete a time and/or status sheet periodically. Popup select lists present user-defined projects and activities allowing very rapid data entry. Each entry can optionally contain comments to document the “whys” behind the activity. Perfect for recapping notes, conference calls, meetings, fixes, enhancements, etc. Time Journal also supports multiple da...Click details for more information.

Time Place Website Details
Time Place's world map shows day and night providing world time at a glance. Large readable analog<br> or digital clocks can also be used to view and compare over 600 world times.&nbsp;<br> <br> Time Place also provides all that you need in a travel alarm clock and is FREE with Time Traveler.&nbsp;<br> <br> <b> Benefits&nbsp;</b></p> <ul> <li> Works on most Palm devices</li> <li> Scalable world map showing times of...Click details for more information.

TimeCard Website Details
TimeCard lets you punch in and out using the hardware buttons. The data stored in your application can then be viewed, edited, deleted, and exported to a MemoPad record. Also lets you store the day of week, automatically turns you r device off after you punched in or out, exports the recorded entries every monday and then resets its database....Click details for more information.

Timerz Website Details
Timerz is a timer program for the PalmPilot. It provides four timers which operate similar to a kitchen timer...Click details for more information.

WorldClock 15k Download Website Details
This is the WorldClock traveler's clock for the PalmPilot. The clock shows the time in up to seven different user-selectable locations. The demo version contains time-zone information for 13 cities - the full version comes with time-zone databases for 313 countries and 396 cities. You need to register to obtain the full version. Features * Display the time in seven different locations. * User definable 'home' location. * Daylight saving time adjustments. * Time-zone databases for 313 countries ...Click details for more information.

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