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AirClock 161k Download Website Details
AirClock is unlike any alarm clock you've ever seen; in addition to being a full-featured alarm clock, it has the unique ability to turn on any appliance equipped with a remote control by using your handheld built-in infrared port. Imagine waking up to your favorite CD, TV news program, radio show... <ul> <li>"Set and forget" simplicity with all common functions just one tap away <li>Makes an elegant desk, bed or travel alarm clock <li>Screen shows large, easy-to-read 12/24 time with running seconds, ...Click details for more information.

anaClock Website Details
This is a free analog clock with date display. If you're tired of digital displays, then you'll enjoy this large basic clock face with its second hand ticking away the seconds. ...Click details for more information.

BaTime 7k Download Website Details
BaTime is a Palm VII application which provides the official time of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and United States. The application accesses the official clock at the Time Service Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. Users can select all U.S. time zones and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)....Click details for more information.

BigClock Website Details
BigClock is a freeeware clock for the PalmPilot. It runs on any hardware and any OS. <ul><li>numbers displayed in very large letters <li>up to 4 worldtimes (+ local time) <li>up to 4 alarms <li>up to 4 timers/counters <li>four configurable sounds <li>snooze <li>much more... </ul>...Click details for more information.

CFB Timer 6k Download Website Details
CFB Timer is a no-nonsense countdown alarm suitable for timing a few seconds up to 99 minutes. It is designed to be as quick and simple to operate as possible and works even if your Palm is switched off or reset. While the Palm built-in Alarm clock is great for waking you or reminding you of an appointment, if you just need to time how long to cook a steak on the BBQ, or a reminder of a meeting in 15 minutes etc. CFB Timer is easier to use....Click details for more information.

CityTime 2.0 31k Download Website Details
Advanced world time system for Palm devices: Fast and accurate day/night plot shows where it is day and night across the world in realtime! Time anywhere in the world can be estimated by referring to the day/night plot. Four world clocks on screen give precise information and show day of week in remote cities. A first for CityTime - Change Location feature allows you to automatically and accurately adjust the Palm's date and time when travelling to other time zones. Fully automatic daylight savings time mea...Click details for more information.

CLOCK Website Details
9.95 CLOCK is a beautiful, versatile, and highly customizable alarm clock application for Palm OS handhelds. It is perfect as a desk, bed, or travel clock. 9.95 CLOCK features: a pleasant user interface (simple and intuitive commands; beautiful backgrounds, colors, and fonts; large, easy-to-read numbers in 12 or 24 hour mode), a rich set of features (four alarms with snooze and repeat options; local time display plus four extra configurable time zones; four timers operating in seven different modes; and muc...Click details for more information.

ClockPro 63k Download Website Details
<H3>versatile desk / alarm / travel clock</H3><UL> <LI><FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>Configurable user interface</B></FONT> <BR><I>Professionally designed look and feel</I> <LI><FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>Extremely large digits</B></FONT> <BR><I>You will definitely see them without your glasses</I> <LI><FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>Configurable chiming</B></FONT> <BR><I>Choose the period, days of the week and time of the day</I> <LI><FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>Alarm snooze</B></FONT> <BR...Click details for more information.

Countdown & Timer 2.0 Website Details
Countdown & Timer is a time application for your PalmPilot. The program includes a standard stopwatch timer. You can start, stop, or reset it by pressing the timer button. If you start the countdown, the timer will automatically reset and start running. To start a countdown, tap one of the predefined duration buttons, or write the custom duration into the field at the bottom of the screen. When the countdown has run out, your Pilot will wake up (if it was turned off) and then sound an alarm. ...Click details for more information.

Creationzone Alarms with Alarm 66k Download Website Details
Palm Alarm Collection 1 Bundled with AlarmMaster from Haus of Maus. The now famous Palm Alarms from Creationzone can now be purchased with Alarm Master bundled, saving 10% on the normal purchase price of both. Bored of the Palm Alarm sound? Deedle, deedle, doesn’t do it? A beep just won’t get you bopping? Envious of mobile phone ring tones? "Even Palm users need some musical accompaniment" Then it’s time to replace the beep with some bop! The Palm Alarm Collections, from Creationzone, ...Click details for more information.

Dangerous Days calculator 10k Download Website Details
Dangerous day means more conflicts, less concentration, more mishaps, more probability to get infection... The program is based on the biorythms research results. Try to enter birth dates for persons, who death date is known. Set target date a bit before and look at the results......Click details for more information.

Earth Time Website Details
Earth Time tells you what time it is around the world....Click details for more information.

EZ-CLOCK 102k Download Website Details
EZ-CLOCK, consists of: Clock, Alarm Clock, Timer and Stopwatch. All very EASY to use, setting the alarm clock is a simple as tapping the time you want on the clock. BIG finger buttons on alarm and stopwatch, easy intuitive graphical interface, you’ll love it!...Click details for more information.

EZ-Clock2 99k Download Website Details
EZ-Clock2, A Full-featured Travel/Desk/Alarm Clock, Including A Count-Down & Count_Up Timer, and a very accurate Stop-Watch with Activities Log. Easy to use with BIG Digits, No stylus needed, just use your finger if you want to, tap on BIG digits to set timer or alarm. Add a note to alarm or timer that pops up when alarm goes off. Choose from 7 different alarm sounds or no sound and screen flash for silent alarm, and alarm duration from 2 alerts to 1 hour. Can be set to stay on to be an attra...Click details for more information.

FPS Clock Website Details
<ul> <li><font color="black">A Large Display Digital clock </font> <li><font color="black">Set and forget simplicity. A single alarm, much like an alarm clock would have.</font> <li><font color="black">Snooze, adjustable from 1 to 25 minutes.</font> <li><font color="black">Variable alarm length. (No, no volume adjustments yet, but that's coming:-)</font> <li><font color="black">Repeatable, yes, same alarm time every day (like an alarm clock should have).</font> ...Click details for more information.

InternetClock Website Details
Internet Time is a new global time created by Swatch. Global means that Internet Time does not habe any time zones. Internet Time is the same everywhere in the world. InternetClock shows the internet time on your PalmPilot. It also shows your local time plus a second time zone of your choice....Click details for more information.

Look At Me Website Details
LookAtMe is a combination alarm clock/application launcher -- schedule appls to launch when alarm sounds LookAtMe is a combination alarm clock/application launcher -- schedule appls to launch when alarm sounds...Click details for more information.

MaClock 113k Download Website Details
MaClock - multifunctional digital alarm clock with the following features: 1. Shows home time by big digits. (You may choose one from three fonts to view.) 2. Three independent alarms with many features (sounds, morse code, backlights and more). 3. Internet time, Timer, Calendar and Earth illuminated by the sun. 4. Beaty, easy to use interface. 5. Free lifetime updates for all registered users. And more......Click details for more information.

Maximus Palm+PC Website Details
Synchronization of the Palm device with a desired PC calendar. New design, more icons and connection to Microsoft Outlook added! Maximus is a Palm supplement – personal organizer for home and business use. A wide choice of icons, colors, groups, etc. are only few of the features that will help you better organize and visualize your daily activities....Click details for more information.

multiClock Website Details
This is a multifunctional digital alarm clock. It displays the time in large digits. Features include three programmable alarms with a selectable snooze function and different alarm types, support for all system time and date formats, a second time zone display with 23 predefined time zone names, graphical moon phase display, and a day countdown timer. This updated version adds a new time zone, GMT+9.5-Alice Springs, and corrects the moon phase for the southern hemisphere. ...Click details for more information.

PilotWatch Website Details
Analog and digital time display with dual alarms....Click details for more information.

PocketTimer Pro Website Details
The handheld, inexpensive race timing solution, ideal for race directors, running clubs, or anyone else putting on an event that needs timing. Use it as primary finish line timing or as backup for existing timing gear. Record transition times in triathlons, split times at aid stations in an ultra, or anything else. Records bib#, place, time, and pace for thousands of racers. Download the results to your desktop computer in an easy-to-read format. ...Click details for more information.

SplitTimer Website Details
Stopwatch plus! Displays elapsed time, pace, and projected finish time in large, easily read numbers. Designed for use at mile markers of longer races, or for track coaches at trackside. ...Click details for more information.

Swim Coach Website Details
A combination stopwatch and calculator, designed for swim coaches who want to measure speed, stroke rate, and stroke distance of their swimmers. ...Click details for more information.

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