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@IntelliGolf Birdie / Palm OS 1216k Download Website Details
Awarded "Best Product of the Year" IntelliGolf® includes all of the 1) Palm handheld, 2) Windows PC, and 3) Sync-compatible software you will need to improve your game, increase your winnings, and have more fun on the course. Automate golf scoring and wagering. Evaluate performance statistics and graphs. Approximate your handicap. Keep caddie-style notes. Plus, access to 20,000+ course scorecards is FREE saving you up to $19.95 per course as compared to other products. Round set-up is a breeze. Intelli...Click details for more information.

PS Baseball is a PalmSports program that allows you to follow the 1999 MLB season.<br> It features:<br> Schedule of games with final results<br> Automatic "time difference" setting, according to your city or country.<br> Datebook alarms for your favorite games (registered version).<br> Complete Standings<br> Latest results, news and statistics dowloaded weekly from Internet.<br> ...Click details for more information.

1999 NFL Sports Datebook 2k Download Website Details
Put your favorite NFL team's schedule on your PalmPilot! Use Palm Desktop to import a team's datebook and sync it with your Palm. No additional programs required! The registered version has every team, every game....Click details for more information.

AnySchedule Website Details
Carry your favorite sports schedules with you where-ever you go. We are building the LARGEST collection of FREE SPORTS SCHEDULES for the Palm Computing Platform....Click details for more information.

Billiard 125k Download Website Details
This is the first game which allows you to play in automatic mode. The Pool 8-Ball, Pool 9-Ball and the Pyramid. Fight with Palm!!! ...Click details for more information.

CricketKing Website Details
CricketKing is a dart scorekeeping application to help you keep track of the score for a game of Cricket. With CricketKing, scores are automatically saved when switching between applications. You can undo the last scoring tap by entering a delete stroke, and fix scores by going to the Fix Scores menu option. Directions on how to play the dart game Cricket are included, and you will be alerted when a player has won. ...Click details for more information.

Draughts 1.2 Website Details
Four checkers games in one: American Checkers, Pool, Russian Checkers and Russian giveaway. Strong AI engine with adjustable difficulty. Play against computer or human opponent. Features: Four different kinds of checkers in one program: American Checkers, Russian Checkers, Pool, Giveaway Five difficulty levels: from novice to expert Strong game engine Undo last move Two players mode Option to show available moves ...Click details for more information.

Golf Trac Website Details
Personal Golf Software for the 3Com PalmPilot and IBM WorkPad <ul> <li><font color="#336600"><b>Keep scores, putts, penalty strokes for up to 4 players.</b></font> <li><font color="#336600"><b>On the course statistics while you play.</b></font> <li><font color="#336600"><b>Advanced 'Legacy' Statistics for the Pilot Owner. Compare averages from your favorite courses while on the course.</b></font> <li><font color="#336600"><b>Track Drives, Bunkers, SandSaves, Greens, and FreeT...Click details for more information.

GolfScore Website Details
GolfScore is a simple, free way to keep score for a round of golf using your Pilot....Click details for more information.

IntelliGolf Birdie Edition Website Details
IntelliGolf offers golfers a convenient way to score and wager on their games using a PalmPilot and features Internet course downloads and uploads. Up to four players can score, analyze, and review statistics on their golf games, as well as place wagers using any one of the 14 games that the program tracks, including Skins, Stroke Play, Greenies, Nassaus, and Bingo-Bango-Bongo. The Birdie edition simplifies data entry and adds score-card printing and round archival for Windows 95/NT. Simply enter on-course ...Click details for more information.

PS NBA Website Details
PSNBA is a PalmSports program that allows you to follow the 1999 NBA season.<br> It features:<br> <ul> <li>Schedule of games with TV information and final results <li>Automatic "time difference" setting, according to your city or country. <li>Datebook alarms for your favorite games (registered version). <li>Complete Standings <li>Latest results, news and statistics dowloaded weekly from Internet. ...Click details for more information.

Race Announcer Website Details
A revolutionary tool for the race announcer - replace 20 pages of printed names with a piece of software you can hold in your hand, displaying name, hometown, age, sex, category, and even special notes about each racer instantaneously....Click details for more information.

ShotWiz Website Details
*** NEW *** - ShotWiz v1.4 is the most powerful golf club selection tool on the planet. Underneath its simple and intuitive user interface lies a highly sophisticated aerodynamics model which computes how you should play your shots to compensate for wind, altitude, temperature and elevation changes. ShotWiz determines the best club to use, where to aim and how hard to swing. No corners were cut in our development of the most accurate shot selection tool available. ShotWiz really works! ...Click details for more information.

SuperBowl and NFL Reference Website Details
The OnTap(TM) Super Bowl and NFL Referee Signals Handbook answers key questions about referee signals and the game of football including positions, kicks, scoring, field layout, penalties, fouls, the football, coin toss, timing, trivia, and more. Navigate directly to the critical, strategic information you need within a few taps. Your purchase includes a $5 donation to the Special Olympics. Works with all Palm OS(TM) versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 GREAT GIFT IDEA - expand your knowledge of the game! Palm OS RAM ...Click details for more information.

Tennis 129k Download Website Details
Become the Number One tennis player in the TOP 20 Rank List of Men and Women Singles. Besides the game, this application will keep you up to date with the official ranking of ATP and WTA Tournaments. The players' database is updated monthly at our website. The game features 3 separate ways to play Tennis on a PDA to meet your exact requirements. The major difference between the three game modes is how close are they to real Tennis. PalmOS 5 compatible. COLOR & GRAY SCALE versions. min. PalmOS 3.0...Click details for more information.

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