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2" Town Website Details
Two-Inch Town is a tiny simulated world, in which you lay out the geography and create some people. They wander around independently, attending to their needs or pursuing hobbies. You can help them or hinder them, or just watch them run around for fun. The water moves, smoke comes out of the chimney, and so forth. All in color if you have it! (supports B+W too). Support simulated people who you take care of and make nice homes for. It is like a handheld 'Sims' or a pet game: people get tired, you bui...Click details for more information.

A Day In The Life 148k Download Website Details
Presenting the free demo of the first in a series of inebooks, interactive stories where you are the central character. <p> It's a working day like any other, or is it? So many things to think about, so many choices to make, but don't forget you pay the consequences! <p> Decisions, decisions, decisions. Suddenly all those things you took for granted matter! You can play the game as Harry or Sally, but by doing the things that you would do yourself you can DISCOVER WHO YOU REALLY ARE in the light-heart...Click details for more information.

BuzzWord Bingo Website Details
BuzzWord Bingo is based on a Dilbert comic strip. Instead of using normal bingo squares (like B1, I17, G43, and so on), you use BuzzWords. You can play during meetings at work or whenever you're a captive audience. If your boss (or the person speaking) uses a BuzzWord featured on your card, you check it off. The objective is to fill an entire row (just like regular bingo). ...Click details for more information.

Buzzword Generator Website Details
Do you need to baffle your clients, or just make yourself sound more intelligent? Try dropping "Mandatory fault-tolerant knowledgebase" or "Right-sized homogeneous intranet" into a report or conversation and see what happens. This app will help you sound like every IT consultant I've ever met. Written using GCC. Source code is included....Click details for more information.

DigiPet Website Details
Keep a tamagotchi-like virtual pet in your pilot! Let it hatch, feed it, play with it and clean its mess...Click details for more information.

Eliza, Pilot Psychologist Website Details
Get entertaining psychoanalysis from your very own PalmPilot therapist....Click details for more information.

Galactic Realms Website Details
Galactic Realms is a real-time strategy game set in outer space. You must mine the asteroids to finance your mission, build bases and factories, and manage your star fleet to destroy the enemy. The game takes full advantage of all the PalmPilot's capabilities, including four shades of gray, transparencies, and simultaneous processing. The unregistered version features five levels of the game. This update features better enemy AI. ...Click details for more information.

Gamer's Die Roller 9k Download Website Details
A portable electronic die roller for use with role playing games or any other game that uses multiple dice of various types. <p><b>Features:</b> <ul> <li>Roll up to twenty 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 or 100 sided dice at a time. <li>Assign up to 24 custom die rolls. <li>Custom die rolls can test for success or failure against a value or compute AD&amp;D 'To Hit' armor class. ...Click details for more information.

IMR Life 8k Download Website Details
This is an implementation of Conway's "Game Of Life". This version features : Blazing fast life generation/animation. Option for a double-sized board. ...Click details for more information.

Links Pocket PC Edition 1.0.0 Website Details
Indulge your golf addiction anywhere, using your favorite pros on the world's most thrilling courses! Links® Pocket PC Edition brings golf fans the ultimate mobile golf game experience, with photo-quality animations and realistic ball and shot physics that factor in terrain, green conditions and wind for every shot. Rain or shine, if you love golf you can now practice, play and analyze your game daily, as you tee off on the most beautiful courses in the world using favorite pros, including these: ...Click details for more information.

Little Palm Pet 95k Download Website Details
Little Palm Pet is a virtual pet for your Palm OS or Clie device. This pet has features similar to those of a Tamagotchi™ and a desktop Pet. Pick from thousands of unique pets, each with their own personality and look. Features: *Generates thousands of unique pets with their own look and personality! *Your pet will learn from you what he should--and should not--do! *Feed your pet, keep him clean, and give him medicine when he needs it, or he might die! *If you care for your pet, and make him happ...Click details for more information.

OutPost 242k Download Website Details
You are besieged by the enemy and have to defend your position. Your fortress is located in the middle of the screen. Enemies appear at regular intervals and shoot at you. Your aim is to destroy them before they have fired. If they have already done so and if you are fast enough, you may be able to destroy their missile before it hits you. Your fortress is strong enough - it can bear up to four strikes from each side before it gets destroyed. There is more to it - you have a shield that reflects the enemy's...Click details for more information.

Pocket War 1.07 Website Details
Pocket War is a strategic turn-based war game much like the games Empire and Galactic Conquest. You start with a single city that can produce a variety of war machines. By choosing what to manufacture and sending orders to your troops, you give your troops the guidance they need to vanquish the computer, but beware that the computer will be trying to do the same to you. * Nominated for "Best Strategy Game for 2002" by Pocket PC Magazine. * Nominated for "Best Strategy Game for 2003" by Pocket PC Mag...Click details for more information.

Voodoo Doll 0.9 4k Download Website Details
Take the stress out of your life with this palm based voodoo doll. Just enter the name of your nemesis and prick the doll with your stylus. Instant revenge....Click details for more information.

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