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BaChess 13k Download Website Details
BaChess is the first and only wireless chess game for the Palm VII. It provides the environment for staging head-to-head chess games against other Palm VII users. BaChess supports player registration, challenge games, and e-mail notification of opponent moves. All game and player data is stored on the Banywhere.com server....Click details for more information.

Backgammon for Palm OS® 91k Download Website Details
Only Stand Alone, Inc. offers the most powerful backgammon game available for Palm OS®. With complete game statistics and a computer opponent with four skill levels, Backgammon for Palm OS® is sure to provide you with many hours of challenging game play! You can choose which color to play, decide to play against the computer or another human, and set the computer's skill level from the Settings screen. Backgammon for the PalmOS keeps track the statistics of all of your games, so you can ke...Click details for more information.

Basic Game Pak Website Details
Ace2Hear, DigitGuess, Flip and HangMan Game Pak of Basic programs...Click details for more information.

Blokus 225k Download Website Details
<img src=http://www.blokus.com/download/photo_blokus.gif align=left hspace=10 vspace=10> Start from your corner and try to put all your pieces, one after one, on the board. <br>Each piece must touch another one of the same color through a corner, never by a side. <br>But don't let the artificial intelligence put its pieces ! <br> <br>That may seem simple. And in fact it's really so simple that you'll begin to play immediatly. But you'll discover how interesting it gets and you'll understand why the Blo...Click details for more information.

Build Mars 35k Download Website Details
The year is 2147. Earth is in crisis. The population is 500 billion and growing. Earth's resources are running out. The population has lost hope. You have been chosen to save Earth. Your mission is to terraform Mars so that people can live there freely without needing domes or pressure suits. You have one generation (1000 weeks) to terraform Mars. After that, it will be too late to save Earth. Gameplay The purpose of the game is to terraform Mars. This involves getting the temperature, atmospher...Click details for more information.

Checkers for Palm OS® 29k Download Website Details
The classic game of Checkers is now available on your Palm OS Organizer! You can play against the computer, facing four degrees of difficulty or play against a friend! ...Click details for more information.

CHESS Website Details
9.95 CHESS is the perfect Chess game whether you are a beginner or an expert! Clean, easy-to-use interface, strong chess engine, packed with powerful options... Finally an affordable complete Chess Game for your Palm OS® handheld! FOR BEGINNERS: Clear and simple interface with informative help screens / Play against the computer or a friend / Choose between 10 levels of difficulty (presented as computer thinking time) / Use the "Hint" function to receive a suggestion for your next move / Don't be afraid of...Click details for more information.

ChessGenius 1.1 52k Download Website Details
<FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>A World Champion chess program.</B></FONT> Packed with features for beginners and experts: 40 levels: 10 'easy', 10 'blitz', 10 'time/move', 10 'mate solver'. Displays Genius's thinking, chess clocks, move record. Three board sizes: small, big or full screen. Gives hints, allows unlimited move takebacks, position setup. Understands underpromotion, draw by repetition, 50 move rule, en passant etc. Superb playing strength. Many awards. The author's chess programs have won 10 world co...Click details for more information.

Chicago Map for MiniPolis 68k Download Website Details
<br><b> Now you can play MiniPolis in Chicago! </b> <br><br> <BR> <UL> <a href="http://www.PDATreasures.com"> <img src="http://www.pdatreasures.com/images/Chicago.gif" alt="Chicago map for Minipolis" border="0"> </a> </UL> <BR> <BR> This add-on requires the installation of <a href="http://www.pass-keeper.com/downloads/minipolis.zip"> <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#0CC0000"><b> MiniPolis </font> </a></b><br><br> <b>Will you be able to rule the best neighborho...Click details for more information.

Chinese Checkers Website Details
The classic game of Chinese checkers is now available for the PalmPilot. Chinese checkers was a popular game in the U.S. in the 1930s. Those not familiar with it will discover a game similar to standard checkers, but more complex as it involves multiple sides and colors of game pieces. ...Click details for more information.

Connect 4 Website Details
The aim of "Connect 4" is to get four disks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This PalmPilot game can be played in two-player or single-player mode. It includes a highly competent AI player. In the unregistered version you can only play on level 1, and there will be nag screens. ...Click details for more information.

DayTrader 8k Download Details
DayTrader (formerly Stock Ticker) is a game where you try to earn as much money as you can by buying and selling stocks on an imaginary stock market. Playing instructions are available within the game. Enjoy! ...Click details for more information.

Desdemona Website Details
Desdemona is the PalmPilot version of an easy-to-learn and highly addictive board game. If you liked playing the board games Reversi or Othello you'll enjoy the challenge posed by Desdemona's built-in artificial intelligence. This updated version fixes incompatibility with PalmOS 3.1. ...Click details for more information.

Double Chess 135k Download Website Details
Double Chess allows you to play both regular single-board chess and also double-board chess (called Siamese Blitz chess or Bughouse chess). This is the only Palm chess game which lets you play Bughouse. Double chess also has the usual features: color, infrared play, and auto-notating of the game....Click details for more information.

DSCoinHunt Website Details
DSCoinHunt is a game in which you move a little man through a maze consisting of walls, coins, bombs, moving arrows, and monsters. The object is to collect all the coins in one level and enter the next level by walking through a gate. Watch out for falling bombs, moving arrows, and stalking monsters that are out to get you. This updated version adds a level editor and new levels. ...Click details for more information.

Dunes Trader Website Details
'Dunes Trader', is a new trading game, and in it you buy and sell cargo among seven cities in the desert. There are several game types and difficulty settings in this strategy/puzzle game; each combination has its own high-score list. Overall, the game reminds me of solitaire for some reason, and I have found it very engaging to play during development. ...Click details for more information.

EVFive Website Details
EVFive is a "gobang" game, called Wuziqi in China. White and black sides play on a 15-by-15 board in turn. The side that puts five buttons in a continuous line in any direction wins. EVFive features the ability to play against the computer or your friends, and has restart, stop, and undo functions. ...Click details for more information.

Go To Jail! Website Details
The Real Estate Trading Game. Become a property tycoon, buying sites, houses and hotels and charging rent to other players. Go To Jail goes proves that the Palm Pilot has a monopoly on the best PDA games! ...Click details for more information.

Hangman Website Details
Play a classic game of Hangman alone or against a buddy. In single-player games, your PalmPilot will choose phrases and keep track of your win/lose percentage. In two-player games, each player can choose to define a phrase with hints and category information, or allow the PalmPilot to select phrases randomly. Features include optional hints that can pop up automatically....Click details for more information.

Hot Checkers 53k Download Website Details
American checkers, Russian shashki and Giveaway board games. 8x8 version. Color and greyscale versions available....Click details for more information.

Hot Checkers 3.2 Website Details
Play checkers against the computer or human opponent. Hot Checkers features strong AI and includes four versions of this classic board game: American Checkers, Pool, Russian Shashki, and Giveaway. Special high-resolution versions for Tungsten T, Sony Clie, and HandEra 330 devices available. Palm OS 5 compatible Features: Five difficulty levels playing with computer Ability to play against human opponent Checkers Pool Russian shashki Russian give-away ("poddavki") 16...Click details for more information.

IMR-Checkers Website Details
This is a game of checkers for the PalmPilot. It has an intelligent and configurable computer opponent that can be either easy or difficult. The game is fast thinking, small in size, and optimized for the PalmPilot. The registered version allows you to play as much as you want (unlike the shareware version), allows you to configure the game, allows you to perform the undo function up to 250 times, and also saves the board between sessions. ...Click details for more information.

IRBattleship Website Details
The Long-Awaited Head-to-Head version of Battleship! The object of the game is to sink your opponents fleet of five ships, before he/she sinks yours (two player only). ...Click details for more information.

Jookerie Website Details
Jookerie is a Scottish word meaning trickery, and that's your objective in this new game for the Pilot. No more boredom on those lunchbreaks with friends or on those long car rides! Based on the age old classic of The Dictionary Game, the Pilot chooses an obscure word from its word list, and players enter definitions that they believe the other players would think is the true definition. The winner is the person who can collect the most points be picking the correct definitions and by getting others t...Click details for more information.

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