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A Day In The Life 148k Download Website Details
Presenting the first in a series of inebooks, interactive stories where you are the central character. <p> It's a working day like any other, or is it? So many things to think about, so many choices to make, but don't forget you pay the consequences! <p> Decisions, decisions, decisions. Suddenly all those things you took for granted matter! You can play the game as Harry or Sally, but by doing the things that you would do yourself you can DISCOVER WHO YOU REALLY ARE in the light-hearted, psychological...Click details for more information.

Adventure Solitaire Website Details
An original game which blends the fun of high adventure and the fun of solitaire cards. You must play it to understand. Complete puzzles in this unique game that blends high adventure and solitaire. Play campaigns or individual scenarios. Keep track of high scores and ratings for all scenarios. In COLOR and black and white! Different difficulty levels. Highly random environment creates variety and long play time. LEFT HANDED MODE: A settable preference for all you left handers. ...Click details for more information.

Arkham for Kyle's Quest 45k Download Website Details
Arkham won first-place in the Kyle's Quest 1998 level creation contest! Immerse yourself in the horror-filled world of Arkham Massachusetts, circa 1926, where terrifying creatures lurk in dark and mysterious places. Be astounded as the Kyle's Quest engine is taken to new heights! Includes all original artwork and a compelling storyline based on the Cthulhu mythos as developed by H. P. Lovecraft, the man Stephen King referred to as "The Twentieth Century's greatest practioner of the classic horror tale."...Click details for more information.

Dark Haven: The Arena Website Details
Dark Haven: The Arena is an epic role-playing game. Take control of an adventurer who has been captured and forced to fight in an arena for the entertainment of the spectators. Survival will be a challenge, but through careful planning and training you just might make it. If by some miracle you do manage to survive the first few days, you might get to snatch a couple of free moments to explore the city of Dark Haven and plot your escape. This updated version includes changes in pen movement, autosave, auto ...Click details for more information.

Dragon Bane Website Details
Dragon Bane is an adventure game for your PalmPilot that will challenge you as you explore a huge 3D world. Travel through towns, wilderness, and dungeons while finding puzzles to solve, building your characters' skills, and acquiring weapons, armor, magical items, and more. Dragon Bane features full-screen, four-shade graphics, more than 20 levels filled with traps and puzzles, multiple saved games, more than 30 kinds of spells, automatic mapping, and more than 40 different monsters. This updated version f...Click details for more information.

Dragon Bane II Website Details
Dragon Bane II features: - New game engine with dozens of new features to provide for a richer, more interactive role playing experience. - All new content. Not only is the game much larger than the original Dragon Bane game, but it has all new walls, monsters, characters, spells and character classes. - Users can store and play multiple adventures, each with their own set of save games. Using MythoLogical Software's upcoming "Dragon Bane II Adventure Construction Kit," third parties will be abl...Click details for more information.

Dragon Bane II Adventure Const Website Details
Using powerful graphical tools running on the PC, Dragon Bane II fans can now create their own adventures and distribute them to a community of Dragon Bane II users who will be able to download and play multiple adventures on their device at the same time. Ambitious developers can re-design much of the game from scratch; modifying everything from the game's interface to the graphics. But in the case where a more casual designer chooses to simply create new maps, the Dragon Bane II engine allows data and...Click details for more information.

Dragon Bane II Released! Website Details
MythoLogical Software Announces the Release of Dragon Bane II San Jose, CA -- MythoLogical Software (formerly Palm Creations) announces the release of Dragon Bane II: Return of Kra'an. As a pioneer in gameplay and technology for the Palm platform in 1998, the original Dragon Bane game was a huge hit. Dragon Bane II once again extends the Palm platform gaming frontier. At the core of Dragon Bane II is a new game engine that adds many powerful new mechanisms to enrich the gameplay experience. It is also...Click details for more information.

Dragonfire (hi-res)
Dungeoneers Website Details
Dungeoneers is an adventure game for the PalmPilot. Explore huge caverns and look for weapons, devices, and other items to help you defend yourself against the roaming nasties. Along the way, you'll find stores that will sell you anything from commodities like energy to exotic devices--even upgrades for your personal explorer vehicle. Mineral ore can be found scattered about the caverns, and then refined into valuable chips. You must manage your resources carefully and plan ahead to succeed. Many surprises ...Click details for more information.

Great Desert Website Details
Travel through the desert, keeping your tribe fed while making Art from junk, and increasing your Tranquility. Keep track of 8 high scores, and play over and over. ...Click details for more information.

Hector James 322k Download Website Details
London in 1930 and Hector James, journalist and sleuth, was the star of Fleet Street. Hector, formerly of His Majesty's Secret Service, has a week to foil the plans of kidnappers and murderers and deliver the exclusive stories that his editor demands. In our most complex inebook yet Hector will need to sift through all the leads to find those cases worthy of his investigative skills that will provide him with headline news. Our hero will travel all over England in search of a story, knowing that his arch...Click details for more information.

Heroes of Redmarch: Goblin Ban 204k Download Website Details
In the latest review of this popular title Handheld Computing magazine wrote about Goblin Bane: "A strong concept and good writing make it the most entertaining inebook". <p> From the creator of the long running "play by e-mail" game, Heroes of Redmarch, comes the first interactive short story set in this land of mystery and magic. Throughout Redmarch there are heroes and heroines of high renown who, chosen by fate, desire, or chance, make their mark on the world in the service of good, or evil. <p> ...Click details for more information.

Legends Of Mystaris: The Flame 604k Download Website Details
This fantasy universe sees you, the player, as an orphan raised from childhood right in the heart of the training ground for the most skilled adventurers and combatants in existence. Desperate to prove your worth and be noticed by the Adventurer's Guild you find a quest that can, if you succeed, bring you the honour and admiration you crave. In this multi-faceted, epic adventure you have to survive and find the jewel, the Flame of Illean, in a dangerous world seething with monsters, demons and mad gods. ...Click details for more information.

Mankind Dilato 0.8 Website Details
Mankind Dilato is a strategy game, your objective is to Conquer, Colonize and Destroy. Be prepared, colonization isn't as easy as it sounds, you'll have to build factory's, defences, and deal with the enemy at the same time. Features: * 15 stunning missions * A random-mission generator. (never play the same level again) * Adaptive AI * OS 5 and Sony enhanced graphics for a 320x320 resolution * Over a 100 planets to conquer * Greyscale compatible...Click details for more information.

Puss in Boots 363k Download Website Details
A COLOUR ONLY interactive children's story with 50 full screen illustrations! <p> Now you can enter the fairytale world of Puss in Boots in an interactive story for children of all ages. Read how Puss helps brave Tom the miller's son to win the hand of the beautiful Princess Olivia, while foiling the dastardly plans of the evil Prince Ugo! Or does he? In this interactive tale it is up to YOU to decide. <p> Version 1.2 is now a single prc file for easy beaming - ideal for loading and running on memory e...Click details for more information.

Super Duck 3D Website Details
Specially developed for Color Palm Organizer, This game contains some of the best 3D animated graphics ever seen on a Palm Organizer.<BR> <BR> A catastrophe has struck Duck Land !!<BR> All the power stars that are used to generate electricity throughout the land have been stolen by an Evil Wizard and taken far away from duck land.<BR> Can you as Super Duck retrieve all the stars from the different lands and bring light back to Duck Land.<BR> The stars your must find to bring light back to Duck Land are...Click details for more information.

The Ruins of Ashkelon Website Details
An ancient culture left many mysterious things buried under the seemingly simple blocks of stone scattered in the desert. But beware! These ruins have seen time's anger played out upon them, and are unforgiving and sometimes cruel. On your adventures in these ancient ruins, you must overcome challenges like skeletal guardians and laser beam traps, and gain powers and items like Steel skin and the electro-shield. This game keeps you coming back to play, to see what else you might try, and see if you can m...Click details for more information.

The Well Website Details
Journey through a mystical labyrinth many levels deep where the dark spirits of oppression wander. Embark on a spiritual quest to recover knowledge, transform yourself and save the lives of your people. Defeat mechanical and undead guardians from a vanished age, and discover magical relics to aid you....Click details for more information.

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