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BlockHopper ~ 85k Download Website Details
BlockHopper was designed to be simple to learn, yet devilishly addictive.<br><br> The objective: Tap the blocks to make them disappear. Clear as much of the board as possible to advance to the next round.<br><br> The catch: The highlighted block determines which ones you can tap.<br><br> <img src="http://www.dejobaan.com/blockhopper/shot01.gif"> ...Click details for more information.

4-in-line Website Details
4-In-Line is a very challenging game with simple rules. The objective is to get four peg in a line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. 4-In-Line is a very challenging game with simple rules. The objective is to get four peg in a line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally....Click details for more information.

5 Hot Puzzle Games 161k Download Website Details
Want to play some games on your Palm Pilot? Try our Game Pack. Solve some puzzles while you wait or just to pass some time.. The pack consists of: Tetris, Lines (Balls), Xonix, Worm (Snake), Hangman. Color supported!...Click details for more information.

5 X 5 Website Details
5x5 is a classic style of game in which you attempt to make a 5x5 grid completely black by choosing a square in the grid which changes the colors of the other squares. Not as easy as it sounds....Click details for more information.

ABATIS 96k Download Website Details
Exciting logical game with 70 different scenarios. Clear out the ABATIS of chips on the board using your strategic skills. No more time for boredom. Runs in bw, grayscale or color. <p><a href="http://www.mk-studio.com/abatis.html"><img src="http://www.mk-studio.com/Pic/AbatisDemo.gif" width="162" height="162" border="0"></a></p> The goal of the game is to clear out the abatis of chips in the center of a game board. You are to move the chips from the edges of the square to its center so that th...Click details for more information.

Aero Fighter Website Details
Aero Fighter is a fast action puzzle game. It is Space Invaders meets Tetris. Your goal in this game is to remain alive by removing as many targets as you can. You control the Jet with a laser gun that can remove one target at a time. If you remove targets in a specific pattern, you will get a reward to remove rows of targets. Aero Fighter comes with a built-in animated tutorial that can help you learning the basic game play more easily. This is a challenging game suitable for any ages. If you like Tetris g...Click details for more information.

Balls 1.0 Website Details
Balls is a challenging puzzle that requires you to change the layout of walls within a playing field such that several balls traverse the board to the other side. You can test the board at any time and watch as the balls move their way through the playing field. The unregistered version has limited access to the highest levels. ...Click details for more information.

Black Box Website Details
Black Box is a challenging game in which you attempt to locate a number of hidden balls within an 8x8 grid by firing 'lasers' into the field an observing their behavior...Click details for more information.

Blockout 262k Download Website Details
The only three-dimensional falling blocks game for Palm OS®. The player must place 3D pieces by translations and rotations in order to fill an entire floor of a 3D pit, then it is removed and the blocks above are dropped down. The falling speed increases periodically. PalmOS® 5 Enhanced: High-Res 320x320 3D Graphics, Cool WAV Sound Effects, 5-way control. Supports any hardware, any PalmOS® from 3.0. COLOR & GRAY SCALE. High-Res 240x240 on Handera 330....Click details for more information.

BLUE MITT Word Squares - Cross 2138k Download Website Details
BLUE MITT Word Squares is a Crossword player for PDA’s running on the Palm Platform. Included with Word Squares is BLUE MITT’s Content Manager, an easy to use Desktop application that manages the puzzles stored on the desktop and makes copying puzzles to the PDA a breeze. The combination of the Content Manager and Word Squares brings an unprecedented ease of use to the idea of mobile Puzzles. For the first time you can download puzzles from sites like USA Today, New York Times and many other sources with a...Click details for more information.

Branch 32k Download Website Details
Branch is a great puzzle game. Rotating parts of the pazzle you have to connect them into a branch. Then all of them are connected your tree begins blossoming. You can pick out the skill level (Beginner, Trainee, Professional, Master, Expert and God). We hope you will enjoy the game!...Click details for more information.

BrickShooter for Palm 10k Download Website Details
BrickShooter for Palm is a uniquely challenging puzzle game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. BrickShooter is not just for people who can think and move fast. It's for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and taking their own sweet time doing them....Click details for more information.

Bubblet Website Details
<b>WARNING:</b> Read no further if you have deadlines to meet. Bubblet is a puzzle game that is simply addicting. Match similar patterned bubbles together in order to burst them from the board. The more bubbles you burst at once, the more points you receive. ...Click details for more information.

CFB SpotWord 79k Download Website Details
See how many words you know with this game for Palm handhelds. The free trial version has all the features of the full version but only 10 puzzles. The full version has 500 different puzzles to keep you entertained for many months - if not years. The object of the game is to find as many words as you can using the nine letters displayed. Each game starts with a new set of letters with one of the letters in the 'spotlight'....Click details for more information.

CodeFinder Website Details
The object of CodeFinder is to guess the four-digit code exactly. Digits are not duplicated within the sequence. If you do not guess the code within 14 tries, the game is over. You can enter the code in any order. Test your logical and analytical abilities. ...Click details for more information.

CrossBow Website Details
CrossBow allows you to display and fill in crosswords on your Pilot...Click details for more information.

Crossword Puzzles for Palm OS® Website Details
With Crossword Puzzles for Palm OS your Palm can automatically download new crossword puzzles every time you HotSync with your Mac or Windows PC! You can also use the included PuzzlePack application (also for Mac or Windows) to pack and install Across Lite format puzzles into your Palm. New puzzles can be downloaded from newspapers and other sites across the web. Palm VII and other wireless internet users can even download new puzzles on the go! Other features include: pop-up keyboard, sol...Click details for more information.

Cubicle Website Details
Cubicle is a 3D maze game designed for PalmPilot. The object of the game is to get from the entrance of the building to your cubicle in the least amount of steps possible. If you find that you're navigationally challenged, you can cheat by leaving yourself a bread crumb trail. ...Click details for more information.

'Digits' Puzzle for Palm
'Digits' Puzzle for Palm Website Details
'Digits' Puzzle for Palm is a simple though addictive logical game, which opens SaM-Solutions line of Palm designed games.It has something in common with such classic ones as Tetris or Lines, so if you want to pass your time in a useful way developing your logic skills and entertain yourself this game may come in really handy. The chief goal is to score points by creating number sequences and removing them from the board.The game offers over a dozen playing layouts, three levels of difficulty, and a high-sc...Click details for more information.

Dominos 17k Download Details
Now with Domino! on your Palm you can play dominoes anywhere, anytime, and against three computer opponents. ...Click details for more information.

Draughts 1.2 Website Details
Four checkers games in one: American Checkers, Pool, Russian Checkers and Russian giveaway. Strong AI engine with adjustable difficulty. Play against computer or human opponent. Features: Four different kinds of checkers in one program: American Checkers, Russian Checkers, Pool, Giveaway Five difficulty levels: from novice to expert Strong game engine Undo last move Two players mode Option to show available moves ...Click details for more information.

Electrum Dominoes (for Palm) Website Details
The first All Fives domino game for your Palm Powered Handheld! Electrum Dominoes is a variation of All Fives (also known as Five-Up or Sniff), using a 28-piece set consisting of one bone with each possible combination of pips from 0-0 through 6-6. If you like Draw or Block games, you can play them too. Electrum Dominoes has twelve different settings that you can use to change the rules to suit your preferences. You probably played Dominoes as a kid; get to know it again and discover why it's on...Click details for more information.

Fences for Palm 4k Download Website Details
Fences is a game for two players. Each player takes turns connecting pairs of dots in his pattern (black or gray) in an attempt to build a line from a side of the board to the other in same pattern. Dots cannot be connected through the opposing player's fence. ...Click details for more information.

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