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SOLITAIRE PACK Website Details
9.95 SOLITAIRE PACK is a collection of 15 solitaire games including Spider, Klondike, and Freecell. Beautiful, colorful, easy-to-use interface, packed with powerful options... Have hours of fun with this affordable Solitaire Pack for your Palm OS® handheld! Games include: Spider, Klondike, Freecell / Aces High, Canfield, Calculation / Eight Off, Montana, Golf / Spiderette, Tabby Cat, Towers / Vegas, Wish, Yukon. Packed with useful features: Undo moves / Hint / uto Play / Resume the current game at any time ...Click details for more information.

4Corners Solitaire Website Details
4Corners Solitaire is a game where you must move all of the cards to four corners in increasing numerical order, while following suit. The game begins with five cards dealt in a cross, with one card placed in a random corner to be the corner card. The other three corners must begin with the same card number. With a little luck and strategy you can rack up a high score, but use caution, as you only get one pass through the deck. This updated version fixes a stats bug, adds small icon support for PalmIII user...Click details for more information.

8 Queens Website Details
8 Queens is a classic puzzle in which you simply try to place eight queens on a standard chessboard so that no queen can attack any other. No two queens can share the same horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. If some queens have Xs through them, that means they can attack each other, so you'll have to move them around. New in this version is the 8 Queens Solution Browser, which allows you to browse all 92 solutions to the puzzle. You also can place some queens on the board and then browse for solutions c...Click details for more information.

Adventure Solitaire 1.5 Website Details
Complete puzzles in this unique game that blends high adventure and solitaire. Play through 15 campaigns or 35 individual scenarios. Keep track of high scores and ratings for all scenarios and campaigns. In COLOR and black and white! Different difficulty levels. Highly random environment creates variety and long play time. LEFT HANDED MODE: A settable preference for all you left handers. Uses 86k memory. ...Click details for more information.

Alexei Solitaires Collection f 144k Download Website Details
Alexei Solitaires Collection for PalmOS is a collection of 200 different solitaire games with excellent interface and a perfect graphics and animation. The collection contains as favorite solitaire games, such as Freecell, Klondike, Canfield and other, and there are a lot of original solitaires, which do not meet in other programs. Application support color and monochrome display. The game features is unlimited undo/redo, statistics, selectable backgrounds, automatic card moving, quick cards moving, cards'...Click details for more information.

Bingo 93k Download Website Details
:-O* THE ONLY BINGO FOR PalmOS EVER! (classic style 5x5 card, B1-O75 numbers). :-O* THE FIRST REAL-TIME IR GAME FOR SIMPLY UNLIMITED NUMBER OF PLAYERS! You can arrange your bingo hall with your friends , who owns Palm units. * or You can play one or with a friend on your Palm.:-O* 62 LEVELS (BINGO SHAPES), all of them with their own jackpot, pattern, description and graphic. The game comes with 40 shapes included. The rest are available at www.PDA3Dware.com....Click details for more information.

BJ's BlackJack 15k Download Website Details
BJ's BlackJack is a totally *FREE* Palm BlackJack game. Quite a popular application. Features everything you'd want in a BlackJack game, and some neat features that take full advantage of your PalmOS device. Multiple decks, splitting, insurance, animation, and even sound included! All for free! Download today!...Click details for more information.

BlackJack Solitaire Website Details
BlackJack Solitaire lets you play a fast-paced game of 21 on your PalmPilot. The object is to get the highest score for each row, without busting (going over 21 points for a row), before the time runs out for the round. The difficulty level will determine how much time each round has, and whether the row points are totaled for you. If you bust a row (go over 21 points), you get zero points for the round, regardless of bonuses. Also, you need a minimum of 95 base points for that round to have any points. The...Click details for more information.

Bridge for Palm OS® 94k Download Website Details
Bridge is the PalmPilot version of the classic card game of the same name. Features include a game menu with undo, options menu to show bids and scores, and preferences for game time and length. In Bridge, you can determine the difficulty level by allowing others to see your hand. ...Click details for more information.

BSBingo 9k Download Website Details
BSBingo is the perfect corporate productivity tool for staying conscious during meetings you'd otherwise fall asleep in. Every time someone uses one of the words in the lefthand list, you select it, which fills in a square on the bingo board. When you get bingo by filling in five squares across, down or diagonally, you stand up and yell Bingo! or Bullsh#t or your favorite epithet....Click details for more information.

Card House 263k Download Website Details
<p>Card House is a solitaire pack. Seven famous solitaires in one: Klondike, Trefoil, Freecell, Grandfather's Clock, Four Seasons, Yukon and Fortune's Favour. High resolution versions for Sony Clie, Tungsten T and HandEra handhelds available! Palm OS 5 compatible!</p> <IMG SRC="http://www.palm-games.com/images/ss_cards.gif"> <p><b>Features:</b></p> <ul> <li>7 solitaires in one: Freecell, Klondike, Trefoil, Grandfather's Clock, Four Seasons, Yukon, Fortune's Favour <li>Undo button <li>Double tap automa...Click details for more information.

CaribStud V1.0a 12k Download Website Details
Palm Pilot version of popular casino game, Caribean Stud Poker. Keeps hand statistics for player and dealer to help build playing strategies. ...Click details for more information.

carsd/casino/lottery games
Casino for Palm OS® 98k Download Website Details
Casino gives you five great casino games in one package: Blackjack - the classic card game where you try to get combinations of cards to add up to 21 points without going over. Craps - the game where your money rolls with the dice. The betting is broken up into several rounds, and many different bets can be played at once. Roulette - an elegant game of chance. Watch in giddy anticipation as the wheel spins to fall on your number. Or will it? Slots - the definitive symbol of Vegas. Pull th...Click details for more information.

CasinoCraps Website Details
CasinoCraps is a Vegas-style craps game with a full table layout. To begin, tap the table to place a bet, and then tap the dice box to roll. Players can set odds, initial bankrolls, and betting minimums or maximums. This game is geared to those who already enjoy craps, rather than beginners. ...Click details for more information.

Crazy 8's Website Details
Crazy 8's is a card game for two to four players. The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand by discarding them in a pile by matching the number or suit of the previous discard. You can change the suit by discarding an eight card. The game is over when a player's score exceeds 300 points, with the lowest score winning that game. Games are not saved between uses in the unregistered version. This updated version scales down cards displayed, fixes bug concerning reaching zero draw cards...Click details for more information.

Darn It Website Details
Darn It is a card game for the PalmPilot that is simple to play, hard to win, and very addictive. Place cards from the deck in a four-by-four-square grid, and when the grid is full, remove pairs that add up to ten. The Kings must be placed in the corners, the Queens at the center of the top and bottom rows, and the Jacks at the center of the left and right columns, and they cannot be removed. The object of the game is to play all 52 cards from the deck. ...Click details for more information.

DoubleDown 11k Download Website Details
DoubleDown is a stud poker game in which the player is dealt five cards, one of which is covered. The player may double their bet before the fifth card is exposed. Payout is based on the amount bet and the payout value for the hand, which requires at least a pair of sixes....Click details for more information.

Euchre Website Details
The game of Jacks and Trump!...Click details for more information.

EZ Blackjack 35k Download Website Details
EZ Blackjack Teaches Correct Basic Strategy! It's a full color, full featured blackjack game, but rather than just play blackjack, you can let it correct or warn you when you make basic strategy errors. It also tracks the running count for card-counters. Why just play when you can learn at the same time?...Click details for more information.

free cell
FreeCell Website Details
FreeCell for Pilot is a classic Solitaire game that's played using the same rules as FreeCell for Windows 95...Click details for more information.

Hearts for Palm OS® Website Details
With tons of options and variations of this classic card game, Hearts for Palm OS will keep you entertained for hours at a time wherever you go.   Hearts for Palm OS®features refined grayscale graphics, improved card selection and rule warnings. ...Click details for more information.

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