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Alarm Collection 2k Download Website Details
Collection of over 600 alarm for your Palm Device. You can use them with DateBook, DateBk3, DateBk4, Action Names, BugMe! and other apps with alarms support! Categories - Films And TV, Pop, Beatles, Classical, 70's, National Anthems, RAP, Rock and Metal, Bollywood (Indian), Christmas / New year, Chinese and Japanese music....Click details for more information.

FretBoard Website Details
A tool for the player of the guitar, bass, mandolin, or violin. It displays notes, 23 different chords and 16 scales, each in every key. It also support different guitar tunings, and allows you to hear the selected note, chord or scale...Click details for more information.

GTrainer - Guitar Trainer 3k Download Website Details
Learn to read standard music notation for guitar. The program shows a music staff and a fretboard and will randomly select notes to play. Click on the fretboard and see if you got it right. Future enhancements include sound and more configurable options...Click details for more information.

ittyMIDI Player 2.1 Website Details
ittyMIDI Player converts your Palm OS® compatible handheld computer into a full featured MIDI player that will transform the way you practice or perform. ittyMIDI Player works on nearly any device running Palm OS® 3.0 or higher, including those made by Palm, Handspring, Sony, IBM, and a number of other manufacturers. ...Click details for more information.

McChords 4k Download Website Details
McChords will display the notes of selected chords on a piano keyboard. The key and chord are selectable via onscreen buttons. There is an option to play the individual notes of a chord or scale. ...Click details for more information.

Melodies for Siemens Mobile Ph 3k Download Website Details
Collection of about <b><font size=+1 color=red>150</font></b> melodies for <b>Siemens S25, S35, C35, M35</b> mobile phones.<br><br>You need to install <a href="http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?prodID=7330" target=top>MyPhone</a> to use these melodies...Click details for more information.

miniMusic Website Details
Demonstration version of the miniMusic application. Write a melody on 4 octaves of staff. Includes rests, tempo control, and MIDI output. ...Click details for more information.

Music Studio Website Details
Create & edit polyphonic melodies! Compose upto 8 different tracks per melody! Over 100 instruments to utilise! Save & manage alarms on your alarm database! Import melodies as Midis to your PC! Beam melodies as ringtones to your mobile! Convert each track to standard RTTTL format! $2 per sale donated directly to NetAid.org!...Click details for more information.

PhonTuner (Tungsten T/C) Website Details
A precision guitar tuner that works in noisy area, can measure singing, violin etc., even showing depth of vibrato. Digital Hz and cents readout for musicians and professionals. With the PhonTuner, a tungsten beats professional handheld tuners in functionality, graphics quality, size, and price....Click details for more information.

PocketSynth Website Details
Keyboard: - Play frequency accurate notes on keyboard by tapping or writing - "Compose" mode for easy input of songs - Sophisticated string-based song format - Playback at various tempos - Save songs via cut and paste and the memopad<br>Metronome: - Graphical and audio "ticks" - Customizable beep frequency - Customizable beats/measure setting - Tempo measuring via tapping hardware buttons...Click details for more information.

RhythmPro Website Details
RhythmPro lets you create and play your own custom drum patterns with real digitized drum sounds on a Palm handheld. Or it can also be used as a versatile and extremely accurate metronome. You can create rhythm patterns in almost any imaginable time signature, save and organize your patterns into categories, and play them using your choice of four different display modes for optimal visual and audio feedback. Set the tempo for each pattern using the onscreen controls or just tap the screen twice in time a...Click details for more information.

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