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QuickSpell (English) 303k Download Website Details
A HackMaster extension, which checks the spelling of words in all standard fields in all applications, detects misspelled words and gives suggestions for correct spelling. <br> Probably, you already have experience with some spell-checkers and you are aware of the fact, that their purpose is to determine whether a word is spelled correctly or not. QuickSpell is superb in handling this task. Thanks to one of the best algorithms, used in QuickSpell, this tool is able to search and detect mistakes amazingly ...Click details for more information.

QuickSwitch™ for Palm OS® Website Details
The fastest way to get around on your Palm OS organizer! QuickSwitch allows you to assign any program to your Palm OS device's hard buttons, enabling you to jump to your favorite programs with a push of your thumb! ...Click details for more information.

Randpass 46k Download Website Details
<P>Generate up to 10 easily remembered Random Passwords using your own specifications. You can generate passwords in length from 2-16 characters, and include Alphabetic characters (lower & uppercase), numbers, and Non-Alphanumeric characters. This allows you to copy the passwords into your clipboard.</P> <P>The unregistered version is limited to only generating 1 password at a time and not being able to copy it into the clipboard. You also cannot uncheck the NonAlpha box.</P> <P>Please read the readme....Click details for more information.

Recycle Website Details
<b>The Natural Defragger</b> <br> Deskfree Recycle optimizes your PalmPilot memory for increased storage and greater speed. It is dubbed the "Natural" defragger because it uses only the official programming interface, rather than playing around with undocumented memory structures. It performs with varying levels of automation to suit your needs. ...Click details for more information.

Secret for PalmPilot Website Details
The one secure place for confidental data on your PalmPilot....Click details for more information.

SilkMaster 104k Download Website Details
<p>This is a freeware of the most portable <b>Silkyboard</b> keyboard. It extends the Graffiti area use.</p> <center> <img src="http://www.silkyboard.com/img/pg_screenshot1.gif"> </center> <p>Why we call it "CONTROL CENTER"?</p> <ul><li>Enter numbers and punctuations twice faster <li>Quickly launch your favorite applications <li>Create shortcuts for routines, like ".com" <li>Access menu commands, like Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. <li>Navigate through the forms and fields <li>Launch DA (Desktop Accesso...Click details for more information.

SILKYBOARD II demo 23k Download Website Details
<BR><BR> A screen-protective keyboard, which lets you use Graffiti. <BR><BR> See it in action at <A HREF="http://www.silkyboard.com"><B>www.silkyboard.com</B></A>! <BR><BR> It is easily installed and provides the protection you need for your PDA screen. You can still use graffiti - but you can't help typing - the speed is amazing! <BR><BR> There is nothing to carry or lose! All you get are the benefits of the real-time text input. <BR> <BR> <B>Silkyboard isn't just an accessory.</B> It is the way t...Click details for more information.

StabilityTest 12k Download Website Details
<p><b>This is a crash test dummy for your Palm handheld.</b></p><p>With the amount of applications and hacks for Palm OS growing steadily, lots of Palm users faces frequent system crash, or system unstability problems.</p><p>StabilityTest allows Palm users to test their device, packed with software, on stability and system crash issues. It is extremely easy to use, also for beginners. Guide through menu will navigate you through the testing session.</p><p>We recommend StabilityTest to every Palm user to ens...Click details for more information.

TealDoc Website Details
This program is a powerful but intuitive reader for standard PalmPilot doc files....Click details for more information.

TealMovie 3.60 Website Details
A handheld multimedia system, TealMovie, from TealPoint Software, turn virtually any PalmOS handheld into a player of high-quality video and animation. Offering features previously unavailable, TealMovie supports smooth playback up to 60 frames per second, high-quality full screen TrueColor or grayscale imagery, high resolution support, WAV file playback, and synchronized sound playback capability. TealMovie also fully supports external VFS-compatible expansion devices, including Memory Stick, compact flash...Click details for more information.

Text Plus
Tornado V Website Details
Tornado V is the first over/under clocking utility that allows user to over/under clock the PalmPilotTM and still maintains the ability to beam and HotSync . When over-clocking, PalmPilotTM will speed up but will consume more energy. When under-clocking, PalmPilotTM will slow down but will prolong battery life. ...Click details for more information.

Trio Vault Lite Website Details
Tired of keeping track of all those different and changing account user names and passwords? TRIO VAULT LITE is the ONLY application in its class to provide the peace of mind that your sensitive information has been secured with TRIO 3-Factor Authentication. Whether it is Network security accounts, passwords, credit cards, bank accounts, e-Commerce accounts, or social security numbers, TRIO VAULT LITE allows you to secure all of your private information with the strong protection of TRIO 3-Factor Authentica...Click details for more information.

UninstallAbility 552k Download Website Details
UninstallAbility ensures that you will always be able to uninstall unnecessary or unwanted programs from your computer. In Windows you can uninstall programs by selecting Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Windows keeps information about the programs that can be uninstalled from your computer in an uninstall list in the registry. As any program or anybody with a registry editor has access to this uninstall list, the list may become corrupted or even destroyed. In this case you may no...Click details for more information.

VOLUME CONTROL Website Details
To adjust the volume level of the pilot....Click details for more information.

Wapmin 1545k Download Website Details
Wapmin™ is a remote administration application that enables your Palm Pilot to manage Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0 and Windows® 2000 systems. Wapmin is a WML server that you install on your Windows system that can be accessed via a Palm Pilot with the supplied PQA client or 3rd party WML browser. The Windows portion can run as a desktop application or Windows service. Once installed, from your wireless Palm Pilot, you can start/stop applications and services, run custom scripts, shutdown/reboot machines an...Click details for more information.

What's On My Computer Website Details
What's this program that you've just downloaded from the Internet? Is it a virus? Is it legitimate software? Is it safe? Where can you find more information about it, or about the company that produced it? What are other people saying about it? Is it stable? Is it full of bugs? Where can you find an update? What about the programs that are running right now on your computer, or the ones that start automatically? Do you want them there? If you've just received a file by e-mail, how can you find out more abou...Click details for more information.

WordWizard Extended Website Details
WordWizard is an extension of PalmOS, that greatly improves the speed of the text input by Graffiti and all kindsof keyboards (software and hardware). On the basis of the symbols, which are already input it predicts the word you want to write. WordWizard is your best partner in writing! ...Click details for more information.

Workpad irSync Website Details
This driver allows data synchronization via infrared between your WorkPad and your IBM ThinkPad and Desktop systems. WorkPad models 8602-20X have built in Infrared. WorkPad models 8602-10U require the optional 2 MB IR Upgrade (Part Number 10300W)<br> This driver is not supported on any other palm based Organizers or Non Infrared Equipped ThinkPad systems ...Click details for more information.

Z/con Freeware Iconset
Z/con Freeware Iconset 145k Download Website Details
The coolest and highest quality icons for Agendus, DateBk5 and HandyShopper created by international artists are now available for Palm OS users world wide! Experience the different in your hand with Z/con Iconset!...Click details for more information.

Z-Digitizer 1.0 3k Download Website Details
If you have digitizer problem this program may help. This is the simple program that will set and reset the flag or parmeter in Palm. By click at the "Set" button the program will set the flag in the Palm. With this flag set, Palm will start "Digitize calibration" when you do the soft reset. This program is quite safe because if you do not want this feature you can reset the flag to normal by click at "NotSet". This feature of the program is need when you Palm's digitizer is out of calibration when you do t...Click details for more information.

ZIP Website Details
Z-Code Interpreter Program...Click details for more information.

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