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cSpotRun Website Details
cSpotRun is a freeware DOC reader with great features....Click details for more information.

DataViz WhatzUp Website Details
DataViz® WhatzUp™ 2.0 is the most popular way to organize daily appointments and tasks in one place on Palm OS® handhelds. It provides users a glance at their combined to-do items and appointments for a particular day, week or month, all in one view; similar to Microsoft’s® Outlook Today. With WhatzUp there is no need to flip from screen to screen to see what's up for the day. It works in coordination with your Datebook and ToDo List, and gives an improved, concise view of your information at one glance. Cu...Click details for more information.

Desktop To Go Website Details
Synchronize Your Palm Organizer With Microsoft Outlook. Instantly. Voted "Best Synchronization Utility" by ZDNet and Palm Computing Platinum Certified Desktop To Go eliminates the need to enter anything twice by providing a fast and reliable way to synchronize your contacts, appointments, tasks, and notes between Outlook or Schedule+ with your Palm Organizer. It also offers advanced options including: public folder support, multi-user support, private record filtering, custom field mapping and more. ...Click details for more information.

diskSpace Explorer Home Editio 799k Download Website Details
diskSpace Explorer 3 Home Edition is a software tool for managing your hard disk space, and ensuring that you are making the most of the space you have. It helps you explore your files and folders, find wasted space and useless items, and free up valuable disk space. diskSpace Explorer features an intuitive view and click interface and a pie chart that graphically displays the contents of your hard disk. You can easily navigate through your files and folders just by clicking anywhere on the pie chart. Movin...Click details for more information.

diskSpace Explorer Network Edi 802k Download Website Details
diskSpace Explorer 3 Network Edition is designed to help the networking administrator to allocate and manage the computer or server hard disk space the way professionals do. It features an intuitive pie chart that graphically displays the contents of your folders. You can easily navigate through your files and folders just by clicking anywhere on the pie chart. diskSpace Explorer 3 reports detailed information about the amount of space used and wasted by your files and folders. You can also experiment and s...Click details for more information.

dotPocket 1475k Download Website Details
<b>DotPocket</b> is the powerful utility that allows you to control your Pocket PC from the desktop and enhance the visual capabilities of your handheld.<br> <br> The dotPocket comprises of two components: display drivers that let you alter the properties of your Pocket PC display, and a remote control application that lets you view the pocket PC on your desktop as well as interact via the mouse and keyboard.<br> <br> <b>DotPocket display driver features includes</b>:<br> <br> - Custom Pocket PC scre...Click details for more information.

DRINKS 2.3 Website Details
9.95 DRINKS is your ultimate guide to mixed drinks for Palm OS handhelds. Choose from hundred of drinks, 9.95 DRINKS will give you the required ingredients and show you how to prepare the drinks. Impress your friends and prepare them some great drinks! Whether you're throwing a party or going out, 9.95 DRINKS is your perfect drinks guide! Add your favorite mixes to the database Add new drinks based on a predefined database of ingredients Convenient and easy to use interface All funct...Click details for more information.

DST Panel Website Details
DST Panel is a system preference panel which automates time change at the begin and end of daylight saving time (aka summer time). DST Panel is an application and does not patch any system trap (unlike a hackmaster hack). ...Click details for more information.

East-Tec DiskSanitizer GOV 689k Download Website Details
Don't give away sensitive information, valuable corporate trade secrets, business plans, personal files and letters, or traces of Internet or newsgroup activity with the old computers that you or your company resells, donates, reassigns to different departments or removes from operation. Deleting all the files, formatting the hard disk or using the FDISK utility is not enough to stop people that will have access to the computer in the future to restore information using basic recovery programs. East-Tec Dis...Click details for more information.

East-Tec Eraser 2003 2331k Download Website Details
Protect your data and privacy and remove all evidence of your computer and online activity with East-Tec Eraser 2003. Eraser goes beyond U.S. Department of Defense standards for the permanent erasure of digital information and easily removes every trace of sensitive data from your computer. Completely destroy information stored without your knowledge or approval: Internet history, Web pages and pictures from sites visited on the Internet, unwanted cookies, chatroom conversations, deleted e-mail messages, te...Click details for more information.

East-Tec File Shredder 709k Download Website Details
Deleting a file with Windows or with other programs will leave the file contents on your hard disk, easy to be recovered by anyone that has access to your computer. East-Tec File Shredder securely destroys (shreds) sensitive and private files beyond recovery. Simply drag and drop files to the shredder icon on your desktop, or select the files you want to destroy directly from the Windows Explorer right-click menu. Your sensitive files will be gone for good and nobody will be able to recover your valuable co...Click details for more information.

East-Tec FormatSecure 488k Download Website Details
If you think that merely formatting a drive is enough to actually delete data, you may be in for a big surprise. There are plenty of free tools that can be used by anyone and that can unformat the drive and reconstruct the data. That's why when you give your coworker or friend a file or a program on a disk (floppy, ZIP, Jaz, or any other type of disk), or give him access to your hard disk, you may actually give him access to the information that the disk used to contain. Backup copies of your financial reco...Click details for more information.

Eat It! 1.0 - German Website Details
Ob Sie eine Diät machen, oder einfach gesünder leben wollen: Kontrollieren Sie komfortabel Ihre Eßgewohnheiten! Mit Eat It! wissen Sie nicht nur, wieviele Kalorien Sie zu sich nehmen. Sie erhalten auch einen Überblick über 25 weitere Stoffe: Alkohol, Ballaststoffe, Calcium, Carotin, Cholesterin, Eisen, Eiweiß, tierisches Eiweiß, Fett, ungesättigte Fettsäuren, Folsäure, Harnsäure, Kalium, Kohlehydrate, Magnesium, Natrium, Phosphat, Vitamine A/B1/B2/B6/C/E, Wasser, Zink. Das Programm enthält eine erweiterb...Click details for more information.

Ender™ for Palm OS® Website Details
Ender is a word completion tool for word processing on your Palm Powered™ handheld. Within any standard text field in any application, Ender will suggest a list of possible words once you have entered the first few letters. Features * The Ender dictionary contains over 100,000 words! * Ender will not slow down your text entry! * The word list is fully customizable! * Ender is compatible with WordSmith™ * Increases your writing speed and accuracy! ...Click details for more information.

ER-CPR Saves Lives 61k Download Website Details
ER-CPR makes all the lifesaving decisions and tells you what to do if someone in your home becomes unconscious. ER-CPR is a U.S. patented, non-linear artificial intelligence application. ...Click details for more information.

EVStar Website Details
<b>EVSTAR is a Chinese OS for Palm Pilot.</b><br> <ul> <li>EVSTAR supports both gb and big5 Chinese display, display gb and big5 Chinese at the same time. <li>EVSTAR supports Pinyin, Suanpin, Jianpin, Wubi, Phrases, Phrases association Chinese input methods. <li>EVSTAR translates the Palm OS to Chinese OS, it translate the 10 built-in applications to Chinese applications too. <li>EVSTAR is easy to use. It run fast and steadily. </ul> ...Click details for more information.

FastCPU 113k Download Website Details
This program is intended to increase (to decrease) the clock frequency of the central processor (CPU), and also to optimize system bus and other system parameters....Click details for more information.

FlyHome 1k Download Website Details
With this extremely simple application you can set a home function to any button on your palm. Here is how to do it: Hot Sync the app, launch preferences and choose buttons, then set the necessary button as home. Pressing this "home" button will open the screen that lists your applications. You will find it much easier to move from program to program with just a few button presses. Highly recommended to Tungsten and smart phone users. For example: on the Tungsten , set the "voice m...Click details for more information.

FlyZip XR 37k Download Website Details
<p><b>What's new in this version:</b></p> <ul> <li>All-new, built from a scratch, based on a revolutionary multitasking engine <li>Added SPEED or SIZE modes <li>Added ARM-native processing power <li>Added advanced extension card support <li>More colorful interface <li>Changed shareware limitations <li>All-New design Zipper </ul> <p><b>FlyZip XR</b> is a straightforward, fast and easy to use compressing and decompressing utility, operating right on your Palm. With FlyZip XR, you can double th...Click details for more information.

FlyZip ZR 12k Download Website Details
<p><b>Double the Storage Capacity of your PDA!</b></p> <p><b>What's new in this version:</b></p><ul> <li>Now supports all devices with Palm OS 3.2 - 4.x (registered users of FlyZip ZR 2.1 don't need to update); </ul> <P><b>Palm Zire and other devices with Palm OS 3.2 - 4.x only! Now 50% off!</b> For advanced functionality or Palm OS 5.x have to use <a href=http://www.fly-zip.com/flypage.php?code=FLYZIP-XR>FlyZip XR</a>.</p><P>FlyZip ZR is fast and easy to use compressing and decompressing utility, ope...Click details for more information.

FPS Utility Pro Website Details
<b>The steadfast number 1 general utility program for the Palm Computing Platform.</b> <p> FPS Utility is Palm III Certified*. FPS Utility provides you with quick access to a large number of 'Utility' functions and information on your Palm Computing Platform handheld device. Some of the functionality already exists on your handheld. FPS Utility provides you with 'one stop shopping' for this in formation and is in most cases 'faster' and 'easier' to get at than on the device via the OS. ...Click details for more information.

FREE PALM DESIGN 17k Download Website Details
Free Palm Design is a freeware palm application for any one who needs to keep their ideas in free-form drawings. The application provides the user the means to maintain a knowledge base of retrievable thoughts and ideas. You can create and edit subjects categories. Now available in six languages 'English, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano and Español'. Enjoy it !!! ...Click details for more information.

Grocery List 5.7 Website Details
Take control of your Grocery Expenses Save 20% off the normal price of $9.99. Impulse buying of items while shopping for your weekly groceries plays havoc with budgets. Most people will use a Grocery List as a reminder so they can quickly get into and out of the Supermarket without buying items that remain unused in their pantry for months. Use your PDA as a tool to save time and money With Grocery List 5.7 by Rustlers Creek and your Palm OS® powered PDA you can easily compile a...Click details for more information.

IcoEdit 25k Download Website Details
<H3>edit app names and icons right in your Palm</H3> <UL> <LI><FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>Edit big and small icons, app names and versions</B></FONT> <BR><I>Works with any app in your RAM</I> <LI><FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>Arrange apps in your launcher</B></FONT> <BR><I>Move the most often used apps to the top</I> <LI><FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>Improve your navigation in the list view</B></FONT> <BR><I>Add small icons for apps that do not have them</I> <LI><FONT COLOR="#7F0000"><B>E...Click details for more information.

Icon Editor Website Details
Editting ICON tool for DateBK3/4 on Palm/Pilot. Datebk3 V-2.1q and later required. ...Click details for more information.

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