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3x4 Silkypad 11k Download Website Details
<BR>Keypad on the Graffiti area. <BR><BR> See it in action at <A href="http://www.silkyboard.com">www.silkyboard.com</A>!<bR><br> <P><B>TYPE numbers, #, %, @... - twice FASTER! <BR> WRITE Graffiti as you always did!</B> </P> <P><A href="http://www.silkyboard.com">How it works?</A></P> <P>Enter numbers much faster - just press the Silkypad "keys" instead of writing Graffiti. </P> <P>Do not keep in mind how to write @,#,$,%, etc. - just hold keys down for a short period of time. </P> <P>But ...Click details for more information.

4T NOX 85k Download Website Details
4T NOX is a full-featured password/account management application that utilizes a 448bit data encryption algorithm (BLOWFISH). You can store information pertaining to bank accounts, credit cards, email, phone cards and much more. Pull-down menus are utilized throughout to make data entry simple. Other features include user-customizable categories, a customizable password generator, a quick lock icon, and login screen password protection. If you're constantly forgetting important passwords, check out this ea...Click details for more information.

Add/Remove Plus! 2003 707k Download Website Details
Add/Remove Plus! 2003 offers a new and better way to uninstall programs you no longer want on your computer. All you have to do is double-click on a Desktop icon called "Uninstall Programs", quickly find the program you want to uninstall and click a button. Add/Remove Plus! 2003, unlike the standard Windows uninstall feature (the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet), will uninstall the program and remove it from the list. This way users can easily get rid of all unnecessary applications for good. Add/R...Click details for more information.

Add/Remove Plus! 2003 Mobile K 707k Download Website Details
Add/Remove Plus! 2003 Mobile Kit helps IT personnel, consultants, technicians, VAR's, and MIS/IT managers to perform easy uninstallations on any number of PCs, keep only authorized and useful software, perform software audits to check for software license compliance, etc. The program is a better alternative to the Windows Control Panel uninstall feature and it also displays programs with a missing or bad uninstaller, helping you to locate programs that don't longer work because they may have been partially ...Click details for more information.

AportisDoc Website Details
READ, FIND AND COPY TEXT, CREATE CATEGORIES, CONTROL PREFERENCES, ADD BOOKMARKS, AND USE EXTRA FONTS on your handheld device. ...Click details for more information.

Arranger Website Details
Arranger links all your data together. It creates links to Memos, ToDos, Addresses and Datebook in outline form. Add a 32K native notepad and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and it's no wonder that Singapore Pilot Users Group said "This program is one of the essentials". ...Click details for more information.

ATool! Website Details
An all-purpose set of tools for the PalmPilot. ...Click details for more information.

AutoDesk CatGhost 2.1 Website Details
AutoDesk CatGhost 2.1 is a very useful desktop software. I think, there are a lot of lovely wallpapers or screensavers, and you can change your wallpaper or screensaver at anytime on everyday automatically, and you can get a new sense everyday. That's the wonderful effect of the AutoDesk Catghost....Click details for more information.

Battery Panel Website Details
Battery Panel is a system preference panel which displays the current battery settings. If your handheld supports user changeable batteries (Alkaline, NiCad), the battery type can be chosen. Also the warning and critical (shut off) voltages can be set. All settings will survive a soft reset. ...Click details for more information.

BeamPRO v3.0 43k Download Website Details
BeamPRO v3.0 is a powerful solution for sending multiple files, Address contacts, Memos, and Datebook appointments to another Palm, expansion card, cellphone, Pocket PC, or desktop computer using the infrared beaming or Bluetooth capability of the Palm.<BR><BR> <IMG SRC="http://www.ecamm.com/palm/beampro/ recipients.jpg"><BR><BR> <B>What makes BeamPRO the only utility in its class?</B> <UL> <LI><B>Infrared</B> beam or <B>Bluetooth</B> transfer to <B>Palm</B>, <B>PocketPC</B>, <B>cell-phone</B> ...Click details for more information.

Check-In Website Details
Check-In can help to unite you with your lost Pilot...Click details for more information.

CityZen Website Details
CityZen is: a detailed world map showing all political borders - a place name database with over 3,300 entries - a built-in geography quiz with lots of options - completely free, and only 159k in size. Maps are built from an outline database containing over 20,000 line segments. The pen or the hardware buttons are used to zoom and pan the view and different combinations of place names (countries, capitals, cities, islands, oceans and lakes) can be shown as desired. The Quiz Mode can generate a variet...Click details for more information.

CJKOS Website Details
CJKOS(<b>C</b>hinese, <b>J</b>apanese, <b>K</b>orean <b>O</b>peration <b>S</b>ystem) is used to enhance English version of PalmOS to support multi-language system, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. <ul type="square"> <li>Support displaying Chinese, Japanese and Korean words. <ul> <li>Intellectively identify and display simultaneously both simplified(GB-2312) and traditional(BIG-5) Chinese words. </li> <li>Intellectively identify and display simultaneously both EUC-JIS and Shift...Click details for more information.

Clipper™ for Palm OS® 29k Download Website Details
Clipper allows you to have an almost unlimited clipboard! You can select your text, move it to a different application, and paste it in. You can also edit the original text before pasting it, combine several different chuncks of copied text, and more. ...Click details for more information.

ClipSync 1029k Download Website Details
Now transferring text between your Desktop and Handheld is as easy as Copy – HotSync- Paste! ClipSync is a clipboard conduit that swaps the contents of your Handheld and PC clipboards during HotSync. Conduit settings allow for synchronize (swap clipboards), Handheld overwrites PC and PC overwrites Handheld. Want to check out a URL off your Palm? Simply select it, copy to the clipboard, HotSync and paste into your PC browser! Need to create a memo from text on your PC? Select it, copy it, HotSync and p...Click details for more information.

ClipSync 1133k Download Details
...Click details for more information.

CoLauncher 28k Download Website Details
<h3>An indispensable companion to your launcher.</h3> <ul> <li>A must-have supplemental launcher<br> <i>Launch apps instantly via graffiti or hardware buttons </i> <li>Very fast launching <br> <i>Launch apps from anywhere without your big launcher</i> <li>Clean and safe operation <br> <i>No hacks or system patches used</i> <li>Up to 62 apps launched via graffiti shortcuts <br> <i>E.g. Write 'a' to launch Address Book </i> <li>Up to 39 apps lauched via hardware buttons <br> <i>E.g. Press MemoPad...Click details for more information.

Commander Website Details
Commander is a replacement for the built-in Application Launcher, providing multiple views of your applications (similar to categories), and configurable display ordering of those applications (manual, alphabetic, or by most recently used). Additionally, individual applications can be set private, and/or locked, protecting those applications from unauthorised view, or use. ...Click details for more information.

Commander Lite Website Details
A fully functional application, Commander Lite offers extremely flexible power-on options, allowing the user to specify personal locking configurations and multiple startup features. ...Click details for more information.

ComputerWatermark 986k Download Website Details
With ComputerWatermak you get a real chance to recover your computer in case it gets stolen, or make sure you have a proof in any dispute over the ownership of your computer or disk(s). ComputerWatermark writes your name and address (or any other information you want) on the entire free surface of your disk drives. The existing files are not modified in any way. When the police or other law enforcement personnel recovers a stolen computer, they will try to find the original owner (that means you). However, ...Click details for more information.

Copilot Website Details
Creates a simulated Pilot on your desktop to test pilot programs....Click details for more information.

Crazy Diamond for Palm OS Website Details
Use this free application to activate your Palm Powered® device backlight when you turn it on! This application is designed for the Palm m505®....Click details for more information.

Creationzone Alarms Christmas 12k Download Website Details
<html> </head> <body bgcolor="#00FFCC" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080"> <p><font size="4" face="Arrus BT"><b>Replace Your Alarms Sounds with one of these Seasonal Alarms - for the Palm User with Everything.</b></font></p> <p><a href="file:///D:/My%20Webs/PalmAlarms/Download/Palm%20Alarm%20Collection%201%20Oct99%20Shareware.zip"><font size="5" color="#00CC33"><marquee align="middle" behavior="slide" bgcolor="#FF6600" height="30" loop="9999" width="90%">12 Days of...Click details for more information.

Crosswind Calculator™ for Palm Website Details
Crosswind Calculator lets you figure out the crosswinds on a runway for takeoffs and landings. ...Click details for more information.

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